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Sumas Peak, BC | May 2021

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Mt Mitchell, WA | May 2021


This is a SOTA gem! A landowner blocked access to the original trailhead in 2011, but a new trail has now been established. The new trail has some challenges but is easy to follow, with signs of regular maintenance. The summit offers a wonderful 360-degree panorama view with Mt St Helens looming large just North of the summit.

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3620 Metolius River Basin May 2021


W6PZA first activated this summit in May of 2020. I read his blog post  and it seemed informative on how to get to the summit. I attempted to summit using the directions from W6PZA from the East side on Forest Service Road 1270720. I attempted to find the grown over road that he used, but quickly found that it is even more grown over now. Bushwhacking is an understatement with this summit.

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Cee Cee Ah Peak, WA | May 2021


Ideal for MTB or gravel bike, this summit was another old lookout tower until the mid 30s. Begin where NF-051 is gated (N48.45475, W117.21851), about a six mile drive in from LeClerc Rd N. This road is Priusable. Just shy of five miles up the road from the gate near the summit (N 48.46345, W117.21752) take the road to the right. About 1/2 mile later, the road is blocked and you'll veer left uphill (on foot from here) on a small game trail to the summit about 300ft higher. The summit is forested but has ample room for camping and a nice fire ring.

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2132 Railroad Grade Mountain, WA | May 2021


Railroad Grade Mountain is a 2-point summit located near Failey Mountain (SK-151) and Mount Cavanaugh (SK-160). The start of the accent is just off N. Shore Dr, just past the end of Lake Cavanaugh Rd. Just a FYI, N. Shore Dr has portions of the road where it narrows because of erosion, large pickup truck be aware! 

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Baby Blue, WA | May 2021


Baby Blue is a 2-point summit located near Sultan, WA.  Other summits have taken priority the last 2 years, but this summit was a great surprise due to views at summit and along the last ~1 mile of road hike.  Parking is located along Sultan Basin Road, and it was ~12 minute drive after turning from Hwy 2.  To get there, I followed Google maps to 47.9222, -121.7486.  A Discover Pass is required.  

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South Huckleberry Mountain, WA | May 2021


From Kettle Falls, WA proceed west on 395 across the lake to highway 20, then south along the west shore of Lake Roosevelt on Inchelium-Kettle Falls Rd. Proceed southwest on County Highway 412 past Lake Ellen, turn right on NF-2014 (aka Barnaby Creek Rd), then right again on Cottonwood Creek Rd (NF-110). Park at this intersection if you don't have a 4WD which adds less than a mile. If you have a 4WD, take this road to its terminus and park where the road becomes blocked by downed trees. As you hike along the road, it will eventually become Huckleberry Jeep Trail only useable by UTVs.

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Peak 3217, WA | May 2021


A short brushy hike will take you to this numbered summit near Ariel, Washington.
The gravel forest road route is Priusable all the way to the trailhead - although you'll be dodging a number of potholes. You'll circle all around the summit to come at it from the north. There is a brushy uphill bushwack included in the adventure. There is an alternative route through second growth marked with an X on the map below - that route isn't as pleasant.

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Little Chinquapin Mountain, OR May 2021


Nice little hike up a unusable road. Only about a 1/2 mi hike from where I parked on the west side where BLM RD 39-4E-17.1 pretty much ends. I enjoyed the short hike and the views driving up. There isn't much view from the top but just as you get at the fringe of the AZ there is a beautiful open view towards Mt. Mclaughlin, Brown, Robinson looking across Howard Prairie. I activated on the SW hump of the summit and wish I would have went to the true high point as I see now on my map it says "ruins". Could just be remnants of an old lookout. Easy set up.