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Puffer Butte, WA | Sep 2022


Puffer Butte is located in Washington’s Field Springs State Park in the very southeast corner of the state. The hike is less than a mile and 400 feet. There are plenty of Trees on the summit for hanging wires. I had spotty Verizon coverage. For more:



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Stormy Mountain, WA | September 2022


On September 5th, I went up Stormy Mountain for its first activation since 2019. The previous trip report was useful, and I followed the same driving route. This is also the route recommended by the forest service. Google Maps tried to send me by a different route. It might have been fine, but I decided it was more prudent to stick with the human-curated recommendations.

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Graham Peak - Idaho | September 2022


Graham Peak had been activated twice before, but a report has not been posted. The peak overlooks The City of Rocks National Preserve with stunning views of the incredible rock formations.  If you visit the Preserve and don’t summit this peak you’ll really miss out!  Though the pictures don't show it, the views were still great even with the wildfire smoke.

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Jack Mountain, WA: Access Permit Required


The Weyerhaeuser gated entrance is about 3 miles east of the Dole Valley Rd turn from the NE Sunset Falls Rd.  It appears that Jack Mountain is located on Weyerhaeuser private property and based on the below picture of the signs, access is not allowed without a Weyerhaeuser Recreational Access Permit.  Jack Mountain is in the Yacolt Permit area.  Their website says the permits are "Sold Out".  I also saw a permit price of $300 which is beyond my SOTA budget!

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Stams Mountain, OR | Aug 2022


I approached this one from Highway 97 off of Walker Mountain Road (this route is long and rough, I think it was over 25 miles). It can also be reached from highway 31 via NF road 2415. Would recomend this route but if your in the area to do Walker Mountain W7O/CE-030 then you can get there. I parked here (43.3581,-121.4527) with the intent of walking the forest service roads that get close to the summit per the map. What I found was, roads were overgrown and not passable. We weaved through manzanita fields trying to stay in the open trees just heading up.

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Davis Mountain, WA


Davis Mtn could be activated with Purcell, W7W/PL-057, via the same access Davis Creek Road.  Davis Creek Road goes north from SR12, a few miles east of Randle. Davis Creek Road becomes NF63 which is easily driveable by street vehicles, i.e. "priusable" for about 8 miles.  Turn right at 46.58361, -121.81340 onto a high-clearance, at least an AWD, heavily rutted road.

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Overnight at Burley Mtn Lookout, WA


The Lookout is a "first come, first served" and, therefore, not reservable at recreation.gov.  Consequently, a mid-week visit with an early arrival will generally net you an opportunity to spend the night.  Most folks spend one night, as a courtesy to others.  

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Columbia Mountain, WA | 3 SEP 22


Columbia Mountain is easily my favorite hike in the Sherman Pass area. This 3.2 mile climb is not steep, almost always shaded and well maintained. The spring at the junction of trail 24 and the Kettle Crest trail still had a trickle in early September. There is a cabin at the top and several benches to set up. One of the few activations where I've been able to sit on a bench in the shade. I plan to return and camp at some point. Fun hike.

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Runt Mountain, Idaho | September 2022


Runt Mountain is a SOTA peak at the top of the chairlift at Lookout Pass Ski area. Lookout Pass Ski area is on Interstate 90 at the Idaho/Montana border.

From Idaho, take exit 0 on Interstate 90 and turn right into the parking lot of the ski area. You will have to purchase a lift ticket ($13) for the ride up the main chair. I activated this in the summer as they open the area up to hikers and mountain bikers. You might be able to activate this in the winter but with much more difficulty with skiiers buzzing by you. 

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Sherman Peak, WA | 2 SEP 22


Sherman Peak has an exposed summit / activation zone. I hiked to the summit from Trail 72 along the western slope. Be prepared to hike through large boulder fields; trekking poles helped greatly. Plan to use a mast if using a wire antenna. I ended up using a trekking pole and the tallest dead tree which put my EFHW at around 6' off the ground.