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"3842", OR November 2020


This was one of three summits outside of the town of Rogue River I did in a day. Decent road going up to trail and large pit, shooting area to park at. You just take Savage Cr Rd which will turn into a gravel BLM road. There is a blocked road going up to the summit but I chose a foot path going straight up. It was a nice trail, old jeep road that narrowed towards the top. The summit is well forested, easy to figure a set up point but no real view.

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Blue Nose - Idaho/Montana 13July2020


Blue Nose is a US Forest Service Lookout built in 1934.  The structure still exists. From the summit are good views of the steep slopes of the Salmon River Canyon and high summits of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The final access road is a bit

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Un-named Summit 8586 - Idaho/Montana 13July2020


This is a burned-over flat-summit on the Idaho/Montana Border.  Access is via an obscure 4x4 road that takes off to the north from FS#038.  Along this road after several hundred feet is a flatten area used as a dispersed campsite most commonly in hunting season.  Beyond this area the road becomes an ATV track weaving through a sn

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2884Lakeside Ridge-Nov 2020


Lakeside Ridge is an easy to get to summit with a nice hike of about 1.5 miles one way on a dirt road.  It offers plenty of space and plenty of small trees to lean a mast against or string an antenna on.  It's a pretty nice place for an activation.  We had some pretty nice weather, the sounds of cows nearby and good DX.  I was able to log New Zealand and France.

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Haystack Butte, OR | November 2020


Haystack Butte (W7O/CE-221) is located in the Crooked River National Grassland, which is part of the Ochoco NF.  There are some private grazing lands around the base and at the very top that you'll need to avoid, but access to a large activation zone is available via public lands.  Note that some online mapping platforms such as CalTopo do not accurately show the public/private land pattern in this area.  

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Un-Named Summit 6925 - Idaho/Montana 17Sept2018


This un-named summit on the Idaho/Montana Border has similar views as Skookum Butte Lookout to the east 1.5 miles.  The route also has good views looking down on Granite Lake.  Distance views are peaks in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.  It combines a vehicle drive, mountain bike road, a hiking trail and off-trail hike.

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3042 Ginpole Pk, WA | Nov 2020


There is no access to Peak 3042  -  Ginpole Peak, Washington . It is about 10 miles east of BZ Corners. Summit access is behind a gate that is posted no trespassing by Weyerhaeuser. Consider nearby 2884 - Lakeside Ridge that has a more flexible landowner that permits non-motorized access. 


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Buckskin Mtn /Sept. 2020 Idaho


From Pocatello ID, take I-15 South 25 miles until you see the McCammon/Lava Hot Springs exit on St. Hwy 30.  Head east on Hwy 30 past Lava Hot Springs and continue over Fish Creek Pass towards Soda Springs ID. At the bottom of the pass you will see Lund Rd.  crossing Hwy 30, go right on Lund and head South for approx. 1/2 a mile . You will come to a T in the road. Turn left and head East on Lund Rd. You will come to Central Rd.

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Un-Named Summit 7940 -Idaho/Montana 12July2020


This Idaho/Montana border summit is an easy ‘walk-up’ from US Forest Service Road #044.  The summit is on the Idaho/Montana border.  From the summit are good views of the steep slopes of the Salmon River Canyon and high summits in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. 

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Elk Mountain - Montana 2July2020


Elk Mountain is a short scramble off a good US Forest Service road.  The scramble is mostly on a ridge through an old clearcut that has in places heavy ceanothus brush.  Wood ticks can be abundant in the spring.