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Bald Hill, WA (near Monroe) | March 2019


Bald Hill is located just west of Monroe in Snohomish County, WA.  While the summit is on private property, there is a small activation zone located in the SE corner of Lord Hill Regional Park.  Hiking distance was ~2.2miles RT, and 467 feet of gain (most of which was in short section of Pipeline trail). 

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First activation of Linney Butte, W7O/CN-034, June 2, 2019


Quick notes: I have Google Fi, which uses T-Mobile and Sprint. Cell service is great, if you have a view to the northeast. Otherwise, it dies, and quickly. This was obvious when I was trying to stay in contact with people throughout the hike, leading to cutting in and out throughout the trip. I got it into my head to try a 4-pointer with no activations, and I saw a prime candidate, of only .7 miles with a gain of only a few hundred feet! What a find! Only problem is, there's no trail. Well, that's no problem!

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My First SOTA point


It was great to meet club members at SEA-PAC.  I came back motivated to earn my first point! WV-095 (https://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/W7O/WV-095) is Mt Scott and has been frequently activated. It looked pretty straightforward and I had already cycled to the top a few years ago.

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Trying to get up Prospect Ridge, 2019/05/27


After studying the map, I thought it was worth checking if the road that approaches the summit is accessible. I invited my family, and we drove up to check, and it definitely is not. We drove NF 23 to NF 2353, which proceeds past some campsites to the trailhead. There is a gate that is sometimes closed, but this doesn't really add a lot of effort to the trail. We got to NF2348, which turns into NF2365 and heads up the mountain, to find a berm had been constructed, decidedly closing the road. We made the decision to hike it anyway, and embarked.

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SeaPac 2019 SOTA Gathering - May 31 6PM, Pizza Harbor, Seaside

SeaPac, the ARRL Northwest regional hamfest is May 31, June 1 and  2, 2019.  We are having a Friday night SOTA Gathering in Seaside and are looking forward to seeing SOTA folks there! Please join us!

 Place: Pizza Harbor - 15 North Edgewood St, Seaside, OR  (503) 738-7210

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Flagg Mountain, WA | May 2019


Flagg Mountain is a great 4 point short hike (or drive-up) summit located west of Winthrop, WA.  For a day trip, it could be combined with Goat Peak Lookout summit W7W/OK-107.  


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Field Effect Mtn.


Field Effect Mtn in on Inland Empire Paper ground (IEP). Permit is required I would recommend going to there web site and read all the info to access the property. I started the track from Spirit Lake Id.  The first 5 miles is paved then turns to dirt.  At the trail head if the gate is open you can drive in if the gate is closed you can’t.  The gate was closed so I had to take an ATV up close to the top then bushwhacked the rest of the way.

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Mount Cavanaugh, WA | May 2019


May 18th was the Puget Sound S2S party. I had plans to take my son dirt biking in Walker Valley in the afternoon, so I needed a quick summit that was resonably close to Walker Valley ORV park. Mount Cavanagh fit the bill nicely, and was surprisingly pleasent!

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Elk Mountain, Oregon | May 2019 (Edited - Important!)


(IMPORTANT NOTE! Everything in this post is true with the exception of the peak designation: W7O/NC-022. 

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1164 Good Copy Hill, WA - May 2019


Sunny day in North Puget Sound, and was able to leave a bit early from work.  After mentioning wanting to do a quick SOTA, KV7DX suggested Good Copy Hill... since it was close to my home QTH, and relatively quick hike.  I've tried activating Good Copy Hill in the past, by approaching from the South...but there is not a good access point.  Use Heimer road, and follow directions below to access.