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Ward Peak


Take St Regis Mt. exit head North at stop sign turn left in about 3 miles turn left onto FR road 282.  Stay on 282 for 20.5 miles at the top of the pass turn right onto FR road 391 in 5.5 miles you will come to the trail head 250. AWD vehicle would be able to make it.  From the trail head to the Peak is about 1.5 miles, if you feel ambitious you can continue back on trail 250 to activate Eagle Peak which is in Montana Great Views!

Road 2Wd

Gps Tract in download section

Activation Date 7/19/2019

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West Soda Peaks JULY 1, 2020


West Soda Peaks is a nice hike. Probably better when it's not raining.

Guy, N7UN has provided access info HERE. I just wanted to add a little to it.


From Portland take I-84 to Bridge of the Gods.  Toll is $2. 

Cross the bridge and turn right onto WA-14. 

Travel to Wind River HWY and turn left.

Turn left onto Hemlock

Turn right onto Little Soda Springs Rd/Szydlo Rd

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An [East] Tiger Mountain Sunday (2020-06-28)


Hike in started from the Tiger Summit Trailhead (just up the access road from the bigger lot along the west side of SR-18. Discover Pass Required.  Lot was about 60% full w/ maybe a dozen people (mostly mountain bikers) in and around their cars.

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Idaho - Spot Mountain 12June2019


The trail to Spot Mountain is a typical multi-switchback route rising from the steep Selway River Canyon walls to long undulating ridges.  These ridges were used historically by American Indians as routes to bison hunting areas in the eastern plains from the lowlands of the Salmon and Snake river drainages that supported huge runs of salmon and steelhead. 

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Montana - Lookout Mountain 30September2018


Lookout Mountain is a US Forest Service active Lookout.  Though not has high as some surrounding summits, it is typical of lookouts having good forest views.  The summit is accessible by automobile.  Trees are available for hanging wire antennas.  &

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Montana - Sweeney Peak 26 September 2018


Spectacular peaks of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness are in view from this summit.  September visits are rewarded with brilliant yellow to orange needled alpine larch, a deciduous high elevation conifer and many times snowfall. 

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Beaver Hill 2860, Plain WA


Nice hike in the Lake Wenatchee area near Plain WA.  From US 2 turn onto HY 207 at Coles corner.  Turn right onto HY 207 and follow through Plain WA and continue to the top of the hill  (47.753780, -120.646782) where there is a large parking lot.  The trail head is across the road on the south side of the road.  

The trail is good but steep in places but there are good views along the way.  The hike to the summit is .78 miles.  There is little view at the summit but the area is large enough to erect an EFHW or dipole antenna.

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Meteor Scatter Park - Memorial Day 2020


Getting there

From Seattle: Take Highway 2 east to Wenatchee, go north on 97 to Tonasket. Go east on Highway 20 to Republic and then head north on Highway 21 until you hit Malo, WA.

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Loser Ridge - Field Day 2020


During the summer you can drive up to the summit of Loser Ridge and there are two ways up. One that requires a great deal of fortitude, 4x4 and a good deal of clearance. The other is the "easy" way that you could get up with a normal vehicle.  Ask me which one I took up ;) 

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Bare Mountain, WA | June 2020


Bare Mountain is an easy bushwhack up from a decent-quality dirt road. There are several approaches, but this one is by far the easiest - and may have once been a trail to the summit. I recommend GPS, as there is no defined trail and coming down it is hard to follow your own tracks - though if you stay east of the original tracks you will still come out on the road. I could probably make it down NF-311 in a sedan. We walked from the pull-off on NF-311.