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Horse Mountain, OR | Private Property


The access road for Horse Mountain, about 12 miles SW of Service Creek, Oregon along Highway 207 is posted "No Trespassing."

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Rancheria Rock, OR | Private Property


Rancheria Rock is south of Fossil, Oregon about 9 miles. Rancheria Lookout Road heading up towards the summit is gated and locked and posted "No Trespassing." The summit appears to be a fomer lookout and likely has some RF comm sites.

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Peak 3930, OR | Private Property


Peak 3930, about two miles north of Fossil, Oregon appears to be on private property behind a gate.

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Zero Butte, OR | May 2018


Zero Butte is just west of Condon, Oregon and is an easy drive-up summit. Take Highway 206 4.5 miles west from Condon and turn (left) west onto Richmond Road. Continue 1.5 miles to an unmarked dirt road heading off to the left. This is about where the unexpected subdivision ends and where what looks like a former military installation begins. The dirt road was easily passible in a passenger car for the 0.9 miles to a fence and a gate where the high point is located. 

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Grizzly Mountain, OR | May 2018


Grizzly Mountain is an easy drive-up summit about 9 miles west of Prineville. The views are great and the road passable in a passenger vehicle - perhaps slowly in the rocky places. 

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Stony Mountain Oregon


There is a sign posted at a gate that reads "No Trespassing - Private Recreation Lease." Access to the gate is along mostly graded gravel roads.  I didn't pass the gate to hike to the summit for obvious reasons.

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Jester Mountain, WA | May 2018


This was a joint SOTA expedition with me,  Bill WA7NCL, and Rich AC7MA. See photos here:



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Goat Mountain, MT | May, 2016


Goat Mountain:  (1.1 miles, 1,100 ft)

A GPS (with land ownership) is recommended – to help stay on the unmarked public land.

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A Bad Hand of Pinochle (Pinochle Peak, Oregon)


Finding myself with a rare weekday off, I worked through a handful of possible peaks. After being pushed to look at lower elevation summits by remaining spring snow, I noticed a named, unactivated, two pointer in Tillamook State Forest – Pinochle Peak. After a few hours of study, a possible path was identified. It was clear that approaching from the south off of Highway 6 would be sketchy, but with limited time, it was the chosen path.

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SeaPac 2018 SOTA Gathering - June 1 6PM, Pizza Harbor, Seaside

SeaPac, the ARRL Northwest regional hamfest is June 1, 2 and 3, 2018.  We are having a Friday night SOTA gathering in Seaside as we have the past few years. We have reserved the banquet room at the the same pizza place and are looking forward to seeing SOTA folks there! This year we'll have a couple very short presentations and be sure to introduce everyone. Please join us!

 Place: Pizza Harbor - 15 North Edgewood St, Seaside, OR