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Humbug Mountain, South Coast OR | Nov 2018


Humbug is a great hike on the South Coast, even if it is a steep six miles round trip and 1700 feet of gain. Find the well-marked and large parking lot for the trailhead about five miles south of Port Orford, Oregon on the west side of Highway 101. No parking pass is required.

After you climb about a mile, there is a slightly shorter (and slightly steeper) option to take the West Trail - I suggest that you try both, as the West has some nice peak-a-boo views, and the East has some amazing old growth. All trails are well-graded and likely busy during the summer months.

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Hancock Hill, OR | Posted


Hancock Hill is a summit off of Highway 38 near Elkton, Oregon. There is a gate and a No Trespassing sign right off the highway. 

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Bennett Butte, OR | No Access from Langlois, OR


Maps show that Bennett Butte could be accessed from Langlois Mountain Road and Bennett Butte Road from the west. However, just before the turn for Bennett Butte, county road maintenance ends and there is a gate with very unfriendly Private Property and No Trespassing signs. 

It could be that this summit might be accessed from the east starting at Myrtle Point. There may also be a closed gate some distance before the summit where there is a radio site.

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Peak 1461, OR | Private?


This summit is a short distance off Langlois Mountain Road (Langlois, Oregon).

However, it is behind a house with a loose, barking dog and one would need to walk up the driveway and pass only a few feet from the house to access the summit. This is likely private property. 

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Hollyburn Mountain, BC, Canada


After my first activation on Black Mountain VE7/GV-013 a week ago, I wanted another activation before the rain season starts. I chose Hollyburn Mountain VE7/GV-011 because it seemed just a little more difficult than GV-013. An extra 100m gain shouldn't be too much, right?

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My First SOTA: Black Mountain, BC, Canada


My first SOTA activity was activating VE7/GV-013 on a sunny day in October. I find this mountain a great place for local hams to experience SOTA for the first time.

VE7/GV-013, Black Mountain is located in Cypress Provincial Park, just half an hour drive from Vancouver. Parking at Lot 1 of Cypress Mountain Ski Resort is free and it is mostly empty in the morning, as long as it's not ski season.

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Mount Wilson, OR | Posted


 Mount Wilson, is on the Warm Springs Reservation and is posted and should be considered private. https://warmsprings-nsn.gov/bchapter/trespass/

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Trask Mountain


I had mapped out three different routes to the summit “trailhead” and opted to drive up from the south off Nestucca River Road.  Turn north at an unmarked road/intersection .7 miles west of the NW Boundary Road/Nestucca River Road intersection.  Most roads in this area are unsigned.

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Divide Butte, OR | October 2018


Easy driving access in a somewhat remote part of the Mt Hood National Forest. Best way in is to enter the forest from Hillock Burn Road off Highway 211 which turns into the 45 road. You follow that for about 13 miles to the turnoff to the 4540 road. It's notable as you go from gravel to pavement when you turn off from the main road to a secondary road. the 4540 meanders it's way up past a sometimes-there lake, taking a left turn there and is fairly overgrown but still passable. In about 3.5 miles, you pass the turn off to South Fork Mountain, an easy drive up summit.

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Remedial help needed on the map

I don't know how to make the summits appear on the map.  At first I thought it was a Chrome thing, but even using the Microsquash browser, I get the map but no summits.  I know there are summits in the area I'm viewing because last week I saw a screenshot of the area.

As an alternative, a list of summits by state would be useful, but with my woefull web skills I can't find that either.


Kin anybudy hep?