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Divide Butte, OR | October 2018


Easy driving access in a somewhat remote part of the Mt Hood National Forest. Best way in is to enter the forest from Hillock Burn Road off Highway 211 which turns into the 45 road. You follow that for about 13 miles to the turnoff to the 4540 road. It's notable as you go from gravel to pavement when you turn off from the main road to a secondary road. the 4540 meanders it's way up past a sometimes-there lake, taking a left turn there and is fairly overgrown but still passable. In about 3.5 miles, you pass the turn off to South Fork Mountain, an easy drive up summit.

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Remedial help needed on the map

I don't know how to make the summits appear on the map.  At first I thought it was a Chrome thing, but even using the Microsquash browser, I get the map but no summits.  I know there are summits in the area I'm viewing because last week I saw a screenshot of the area.

As an alternative, a list of summits by state would be useful, but with my woefull web skills I can't find that either.


Kin anybudy hep?



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Peak 6001, OR|September 26, 2018


Had the day off from work and headed out to activate this summit with Dave, N7LKL. Turned out to be a great day with nice weather. 

We started off on 2m FM and each of us had at least 4 contacts in no time. And then proceeded to set up HF, where our good fortunes continued, reaching the East Coast. With the band conditions the way they are I consider that good DX, especially running around 4 watts from my MTR. 

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Dow Mountain, WA | Sep 2018


See my trip reports for 2 other summits in this area: Saddle Mtn. and Duplex Summit.

There are two ways to get up to Dow Mountain - a long drive on gravel roads, or a forest road walk of around 2.5 miles (1900' elevation gain). Since I was also visiting two other summits along the way, I opted for the road approaching from the north. The road going up to Dow Mtn. from Hoodsport is gated - this is the road to take if you wish to hike it.

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1700 Duplex Summit, WA | Sep 2018


See my trip report for Saddle Mountain for a map of this area. This summit is a drive up, on pretty good gravel roads. Most any car should make it with some careful driving. High clearence is helpful but not required. After you leave the pavement its about a 25 min drive.

The views of Hood Canal from the summit are great! Parking not a problem - there is room for several cars.

I spent a few hours on this summit for the 2018 WA state QSO Party 'Salmon Run'. I made a lot of contacts! There is even a picnic table up here, but I didn't use it.

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Saddle Mountain, WA | Sep 2018


This is an easy 2 point drive up with great views! From Hoodsport, head north on highway 119 along the east shore of Lake Cushman. Take a right when you get to Prices Lake Rd. Prices Lake Rd. is paved for 1/2 mile and then turns to gravel. The road is good and most any car should make it with careful driving. Check the FS topo maps for full directions. From the turn off of highway 119 it took me about 20 mins to get to the summit. Parking not a problem on the summit, lots of space.

The summit is clear cut with large piles of debris. The views are good!

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Veda Butte, OR | July 2017


This is a short one mile hike 400 feet of gain that you reach by driving about five miles on a poor road. There's some bushwacking required to make the Activation Zone. 

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Peak 3410, OR | August 2018


Peak 3410 is about 10 miles back into the Tillamook State Forest. Although once you get there it is really a near drive-up, the drive on those roads might feel like you've been hiking five miles by the time you get there. You'll want a high clearance vehicle, a good map, and GPS to reach this summit off Highway 6.  

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Bull of the Woods, OR | Sep 2018


Here is a lovely hike in the south reaches of the Clackamas watershed. The hike is about 6.5 miles round trip and 1000 feet of gain. Although about two hours from Portland, it's also a nice drive to the trailhead with good signage along the way. Only the last half mile or so would be challenging in a passenger car. 

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Peak 2814, (Best Regards) OR | August 2018


An easy one pointer in the Coast Range with a very short hike - using a GPS may help you find it in the maze of roads that is the Tillamook State Forest.