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Goat Mountain, WA | July 2020


Quick search of sota summits finds 30 Goat Mountains, exclusive of my favorites: Old Goat Mountain and Scape Goat Mountain. Can unfortunately relate to both of those.

There are six in W7W and 2 in W7W/LC. This blog is about W7W/LC-035. The plan for this trip was found on summitpost: https://www.summitpost.org/goat-mountain/153737. Andrew, K7AHR, and I followed those directions to a successful activation.

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Stark Mountain, Montana - August 1, 2020


Stark Mountain with its fire lookout looks to be an easy 4 pointer as it is an easy drive-to peak on well marked Forest Service roads. However.... the last two miles of the road is gated and the summit is currently closed to the public. See the photo. I did not push it today, being tempted to just walk the two miles. It's closed due to Covid so I'll respect that. Maybe next season.

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Pine Mountain, OR | July 2020


We built extra time into our schedule in case of an unexpected delay, but I never thought that delay would be a cattle drive. In the drive up to the Pine Mountain Observatory, Mark, W6IA, and I waited as two cowboys and at least one dog herded cattle off the road. We hung back just behind the well-trained border collie while he and his team did their work, and eventually it was clear. [See photo below.]

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Edwards Butte, OR | July 2020


North Coastal's double-oh-seven peak is a two-pointer reachable by a mild forest road hike and a slightly bushwhack-y final ascent. K7ATN has linked to posts on Peakbagger that give good descriptions of the summit logistics including routes, but here's a quick summary:

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Baldy Mountain, MT| July, 2020


On-Trail, 2.5 miles, +2,240 ft

Baldy Mountain is a locally popular on-trail hike to one of the high points in the East Pioneer Mountains.  The foundation of the old fire lookout provides some shelter in the event of windy conditions.  We saw one other party on the mountain on a nice Saturday during the summer.

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Sheridan Peak, OR | July 2020


NC-009, Sheridan Peak, is a good first-time activation destination.  It is an easy half-mile hike (about 300' climb) from the parking lot to the summit, which is broad and flat; lots of good spots to set up.  The summit is wooded and shady with a fair amount of old growth, so there are no views. Cell data service is spotty. I managed to spot myself once with SOTA GOAT though I tried four or five times. Two way APRS coverage was excellent and I spotted myself on aprs using a VX8DR. 

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Henry Peak, Montana July 26, 2020


Henry Peak is a two point summit overlooking Plains, Montana. It is due north of the intersection of highways 200 and 135. Please refer to the linked map below as I describe getting there. All forest Service roads in this description are good to fair and a four wheel drive is not necessarily needed but advised due to some bumpy and rocky spots.

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Camel Hump, Montana July 25, 2020


Camel Hump is a summit out of St. Regis, Montana on the Interstate 90. From St. Regis you have about a 7 mile drive on paved roads, then about a 6.5 mile drive up Forest Service road 3800. At that point you encounter a closed gate but it's an easy 1 mile walk to the summit from here. Please refer to my saved map in the link below. You do not need a four wheel drive on this road, any car can make it easily. 

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W7W Puget Sound S2S Party! Aug 8th @ Noon

You are invited to participate in a Puget Sound SOTA Summit to Summit Party on Saturday August 8th at Noon PST (19:00 utc). All interested in SOTA are welcome, whether you're a SOTA Goat...or you are just starting on the SOTA journey. On July 12th, I was able to send an email to all W7W 2020 SOTA activators (with email in QRZ.com), and want to make sure others are aware.

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French Point, WA | June 2020


French Point is the site of a former lookout west of Darrington in Snohomish County, and a 1 point summit.  I decided to activate later on a June day, after activating two other summits near Darrington.  The hike is 2 mile round-trip, with ~500 feet of gain.  While a relatively short hike on a decommissioned service road, it's made a bit more difficult with what summitpost.org called "tank traps".  There are multiple deep ditches dug across the road to limit access, and it was more of an annoyance as parts of the road continue to grow over.  This was the first SOTA