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Hancock Hills near Elkton, OR



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Green Mountain, W7O/CM-109, access issues


Green Mountain, W7O/CM-109, is a two-point summit above the Calapooia River drainage in Oregon. It is 4505' asl and has a lookout tower on top. At least one hiking internet site said that it should be open to access by the public. I downloaded the Google Maps directions to it and headed off Thursday morning, May 18, 2017.

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Huckleberry Mountain near Oakridge, OR - NS7P


Huckleberry Mountain and its lookout is well known and for very good reasons. The catwalk around the elevated lookout offers wonderful, 360 degree views. All of the major snow capped peaks from Mt Hood to Thielsen and McLoughlin are visible. In addition, detailed views down into the nearby foothills are there for our enjoyment. The lookout makes a great place to do radio.

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Mt Hagan, OR area summits: W7O/CM-143 and W7O/CM-120


NF-2611 road leads to two summits north of Highway 126 near Leeburg, OR. Coming from Springfield, go about 27 miles east of the Main St/126 intersection. Turn north on NF-2611 (near MP 34) and follow the main road 4.5 miles to a large intersection and clearing. Each summit is worth two points.

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Mt. Nebo, W7O/WV-074, is off limits


This 3407' two-point summit is inviting in photos. It rises up above the McKenzie River near Leeburg, OR. Unfortunately, it is currently off limits. As soon as you turn north off of Highway 126 you are met with a locked gate (at least on Wednesday, May 10, 2017) with signs warning against trespassing, etc.

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Chelan Butte - 4/21/17


If the journey and the scenery are equally important as the activation, this is the summit for you. At about 4 miles, one-way and a modest 2650' of gain to a summit elevation of 3835', this summit offers a 360 degree view of the Columbia River and Chelan area.

This summit is located in the Chelan, WA.  Best access is by trail for best and varied views. There is also an access road to maintain the cell towers located on this site, which is a single lane unpaved, narrow, rocky road with drop offs used by maintenance personnel, hang glider folks and tourists.

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Silver Star Mtn via Rock Creek Camp


Silver Star Mtn in southwest WA has incredible views of Portland and Vancouver, including the 5 major peaks.  On a clear day, you can easily see Saddle Mountain in the coast range.

See my trip report on the Wash Trails Assoc website, including my .gpx track.  I came in from the west from Rock Creek Camp.  Great 2wd road, good parking and a 2.0 mile hike to the summit.  Much, much better than the Sunset Falls north access road.  

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Sunday Fun on Skyline Ridge, OR | May 2017


Had fun today Sunday 5/7 up at Skyline Ridge in West Linn. I got a last minute notice that Etienne K7ATN and Glenn KG7TDC were going up to this park not far from me, so why not? I loaded up the KX2 and my new toy the W4OP loop.after working a few guys on 146.52 (KG7VAK and NS0TA) we set up the loop on a camera tripod. we tuned  it up on 20 and Glenn worked a few using my paddle as a straight key, and then I took over for a quick 11 Qs-into the Midwest, southeast and CA All the sigs were strong - goes to show the band may be open even if you don't hear anything!

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Peak 7027, MT | April, 2017


(0.2 miles, + 155 feet)

This summit is on USFS land & is covered by the Beaverhead-Deerlodge-Central map.  The area is open to motorized vehicles on designated routes Dec.3 – Oct. 14.

The trailhead may be approached either from the north (Moose Creek / Maiden Rock I-15 exit), or the south (Melrose I-15 exit).  The northern road has two stream crossings that could be problematic during high runoff.  The road from the Melrose exit (Trapper Creek Road) is better.