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Tincup Hill - Montana 13July2020


Tincup Hill summit is a large flat area covered by a regenerated old clearcut of 15-30’ tall lodgepole pine.  There are also some mining exploration shallow-trenches cut into the summit area and access ridge.  The hike is through easy terrain lacking in downfall or high brush. Trees are available to attach wire antennas.

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Wilcox Peak, OR Dec 2020


Looking at maps, I took off for a morning hike to Wilcox Peak figuring there would be a gate part way down the hill. Surprisingly you can drive pretty much just into the AZ. The road finishes at a turnaround/shooting area, unfortunately with a lot of trash. Wish I took some large bags with me, putting it on my list as trash really bothers me in the woods!

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Donate to your RadioSport of Choice!

Donate to your RadioSport of Choice! – SOTA isn’t free to operate – there are many expenses that keep it going – and many volunteers that give their time to have this be a successful worldwide activity that is available to any ham operator – as a Chaser or as an Activator.

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Chinquapin Mountain, OR June/Dec 2020


I did Chinquapin in June and Dec, both in the snow as there was a freak storm in June when I went up. Both times I have gone, I have come from W. Chinquapin Mountain Rd off of E Hyatt Lake Rd. Not sure if there is access the other side? The first time I did it after activating Greens Springs Mtn., 2nd time I did it after doing Table Mountain. A lot of SOTA up in this country! Everytime we go up in this area we stop for some lunch at Hyatt Lake Resort too. Nice place to take a break and spectacular views.

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Green Springs Mt, OR June/Dec 2020


I went back up to Green Springs Mt for winter bonus since our snow levels are still high. When I first did it in June, I was in a freak snow storm and there was more snow and it was colder and wetter-but flowers! This trip I found a better path than the first. If you look at a satellite image you can see a bare patch at the southern edge of the summit. There is a somewhat clear path or old road from the main road up to the grassy area still in AZ, you can sort of see it on a map on the east side of the mountain.

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Arizona 100 Point Whirlwind SOTA Vacation

13 Peaks in 5 Days

I had planned a vacation with my son in Gilbert, Arizona the first week of November 2020 and asked if he could find a few  SOTA summits we could activate together. I also flew my daughter in from out-of-state to join us.  This is how it actually turned out:

Tuesday, November 3rd - Pinal Peak (W7A/AW-009) gravel road drive-up:  8 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Christopher Mountain (W7A/AW-024) very rough access road & .5 mile hike: 13 Contacts

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SOTA Activation: Monte Pic - South Tyrol, Dolomite Mountains, Italy - September 10, 2019


During a 12-day, Self-Guided tour through the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy, I had the opportunity to activate a few mountains that “happened” to be right along our route.  I was with my XYL, Sharon, and 2 other couples, so my opportunities were somewhat limited by time and patience (or lack thereof) of my travelling companions.  None the less, I managed 4 Activations.  This report deals with the Activation of Monte Pic, I/AA-181.  This easy to ascend peak is 7,753 Feet / 2,363 Meters in elevation.  The reason I report this Activation on the PNW SOTA reflector is to illustrate the outstanding opportunities that await those that venture out to Northern Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany.  These countries all share in common superb tourist infrastructure and ease of access to thousands of SOTA peaks, ranging from walk ups to world class alpine climbs. There is also the attraction of great food and beer, and hospitable local populations.  Finally, there are also opportunities to reach out to local SOTA Activators, and perhaps go out for joint Activations.

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Summit 4420, OR | November 2020


Summit 4420 is located in the Crooked River National Grassland (Ochoco NF) and has good seasonal public access.  I completed its first activation in late November 2020.  Great views from the summit looking south over the Smith Rock State Park and west along the central cascade range.

Notes from my activation…

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Spread Mountain, MT | June, 2020


11.3-miles, +3,828 ft; -574 ft; From N. Fork Trailhead

I activated this as the first summit on a multi-day backpacking trip.  We camped at Canyon Lake and climbed from there.  There is also camping at Lake Otatsy and Camp Pass.  The entire route, including the Lake Otatsy area was burned in the 2017 Rice Ridge fire, so care should be taken in selecting a camp to minimize the danger from standing dead trees.  Most of the area around Canyon Lake is not burnt.

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Sedgwick PK is located 9 miles South of Lava Hot Springs.  One on the few drive up summits in Eastern Idaho.