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Huckleberry Mountain, OR (Bonanza Trail) | Sept 2021


In addition to the two routes to Huckleberry Mountain K7ATN describes, there is a third trail up, the Bonanza Trail. I chose this option for three reasons: I was intrigued by the fact that there was a mine shaft off the trail, it looked like it was a bit shorter than the Boulder Ridge Trail route and I thought that there would be fewer hikers taking this route on this busy Labor Day weekend Sunday.

Here is information about the hike that I used:

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Wagner Butte, OR 2021


I have already written a long blog on Wagner but thought I would do a separate update as I finally took the trail for most of the trip. Keep in mind that what all us locals know as the trailhead is not on most maps, they have it down the road. There is a large parking area opposite the TH that is not on many maps 42.11449, -122.80047 is where you want to be. From here it will be about 9 miles RT with about 2600' gain, according to my trackers. I took a few paths off trail so there is a little estimation. The trail is nice.

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Lookout Mtn WA Advice Sept. 2021


Just a short note about driving up to Lookout Mountain outside of Carson WA, summit ID W7W/LC-066.   I went up with my VW Tiguan which is AWD and has a little ground clearance and it didnt have any trouble in that regard.  However, I would strongly advise NOT going up to this summit with passenger car highway tires.  I have heavier duty tires on my Tiguan because I am frequently off the pavement.  There are lots of sharp looking rocks in areas of the last several miles of this trip.  Probably the last 3 or 4 miles is very narrow and few if any good places to tu

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Arbuckle Mountain, Oregon | August 2021


I think there are 2 ways to get to Arbuckle Mountain. But I only did this one. I don’t recommend this route unless you are a 4x4 enthusiast or maybe by mountain bike.

From Willow Creek Road out of Heppner which turns into NF-53 then turn onto NF-170 (45.16615, -119.23569). This quickly turns into high clearance and eventually into 4wd road. However, it is only 3 miles to the top. I would not recommend this road if it is not dry. There are several turns required, but I did not document them as I took several wrong ones.

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Black Mountain, Oregon | August 2021


Well, at least it’s not another Black Butte. It is also a nice road walk of 5 or 6 miles RT. The distance depends on whether you start at the turn off of the good gravel road or whether you bounce your way up ~0.3 miles to the gate. Elevation gain is 1000 or 800 ft respectively.

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Peak 5784, Oregon | August 2021


If you find yourself on US-26 at Dixie Summit, just east of Prairie City, you could activate Dixie Butte, http://www.pnwsota.org/blog/k7atn/2018-november-25/dixie-butte-or-june-2017, with your high clearance vehicle, or you could park your Prius and bushwhack 1.5 miles RT and 550 ft. of elevation gain to 5784, or what I will call Dixie Summit Peak.

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Barlow Ridge W7O/CN-028 | August 2021


This was my first time up Barlow Ridge in the summer. Park at the Barlow Pass Sno-Park with a NW Forest Pass. The trail is well-marked, albeit the signs are up high due to this area's popularity during the winter. I encountered quite a few large blow down trees at the start of the hike, so be prepared for some significant tree scrambling. 

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Activating Paulina Peak Hints


I just thought I would add some notes about activating Paulina Peak that might be helpful to prepare somebody else down the road.  Getting there is easy and well documented so I wont waste time with that, important however as noted elsewhere - NW Forest Pass required or pay at the entrance station.  I have a pass so I dont know what the entrance fee is.  My verizon service with SOTA GOAT worked perfectly the entire time I was up there.  I was also able to text and send photos easily.   The views are spectacular and never cease to amaze me everytime I go up ther

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North Lookout Mountain WA - March 2021


March 20, 2021

Myself, Chris (KI7JOM) and Clint (KJ7LLS) activated this summit in a heavy snowfall. We parked at the snow line on Coal Crk Rd at about 2400'. From here we snowshoed on forest roads and cross country all day in cold and wet conditions. Slow and challenging day.

9 miles, 2700' gain over 8 hours.

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3977 (discriminator peak) WA | August 2021


Summary - the hike to 3977 (from copper creek) is relentlessly steep, easy to follow and ends in a summit with great views. The route on FR 41 from the Sunset Falls campground is festooned with holes and washouts, some of which are spectacularly large.