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Devil's Peak, Oregon| July 2019


The Hike

Devil’s Peak is located in the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness area on Mt. Hood.  The summit has an altitude of 5045 feet.  There is a decommissioned fire lookout at the top (which is available for camping).  There are a variety of ways of getting up there.  I chose to take the Cool Creek trail, which is short (3.7 miles) but very steep (3200 foot elevation gain).  I hiked up here on July 20th, 2019.

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Bishop Mountain Idaho


Bishop Mountain is an extinct volcanic vent on the rim of the Island Park Caldera. At the summit there is a fire lookout that is one of the few remaining towers in the Targhee National Forest. The 72-ft tower was constructed in 1937. Now on standby status, the tower saw extensive service during the Yellowstone Fires of 1988. The summit also has a couple of picnic tables, a cabin that is available for rent through the Forest Service and a fire pit.

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Pike Mountain Idaho


The summit is a developed overlook with a large parking lot for turning around. Great views in all directions, from Pomerelle to Sun Valley, and beyond.

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Pt. 5635 - Ochoco NF


Pt 5635 (W7O/CE-276) is in the Ochoco NF approximately 1.5 miles east of Ochoco Divide Campground on Hwy 26.  The summit’s proximity to the highway offers a nice SOTA option when traveling through the area with FS campground accommodations nearby.  Another summit, Ochoco Mountains HP (W7O/CE-080), is also just a short drive from the campground. 

This area has been affected by recent fires, yet there are good sections of live trees along the hike and on the summit that offer shade.  The campground was saved and is in good condition.  

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Black Butte, Oregon | July 2019



Black Butte may be a drive up. It is a six point former lookout in Grant County. Don't get it confused with the Black Butte near Sisters. 

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Nipple Butte, Oregon | July 2019


Nipple Butte is a peak in the Malheur National Forest.

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Olympic Mountains traverse, WA 7/17/19-7/21/19

W7W/NO-264, et al.


I'll be traversing Olympic National Park from Sol Duc in the North to Quinault in the South from Wednesday July 17th to Sunday July 21st. We'll travel along the Bailey Range, then out via the Skyline Trail.

Most of the peaks along the way have not been activated, and I'll try to get up as many as I can.

I'll be monitoring the Gold Mountain-WW7RA repeater in Bremerton, then try direct on 146.52. WW7RA repeater: 146.62, -0.6Mhz offset, tone 103.5. I'll also try to spot myself using aprs, but I've never done it before so we'll see how that goes.

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Salmoncon S2S QSO Party this Friday July 12th

This weekend is the annual Salmoncon pQRP 'con' up at Valley Camp near North Bend, WA.

I'm coordinating an S2S QSO party for the event. The target to be on a summit is noon (1900 UTC). We will use 146.58 FM for local coordination / S2S contacts. Many stations will also be running HF, so keep an eye on SOTAWatch.

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Sisters View, OR (Peak 4260) | July 2019


Sisters View is 1.8 miles RT hike of about 600 feet gain or, perhaps less if your vehicle is capable.

This summit is near several others, Gray Butte-W7O/CE-180, Grizzly Mountain-W7O/CE-135 and Pine Ridge-W7O/CE-208.

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Gray Butte, OR | July 2019


Depending on how far you choose to drive, Gray Butte will be a 1.4 mile road hike (OW) with about 1200 feet gain. There's another summit that could add another two points with 1.8 miles of hiking or, less if your vehicle is capable.

This summit is near several others, Grizzly Mountain-W7O/CE-135 and Pine Ridge-W7O/CE-208.