Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Discovery Basin Montana

Activated W7M/GA-069 Rumsey Mtn with XYL Debbie on 4 Jan 2013. Rumsey Mtn is
located 16 miles NE of Anaconda Montana (home of one of the largest freestanding
chimneys' in the world, 585 ft, I guess it would qualify for a summit?)and is
part of Discovery Basin ski area. Triple chair takes you close to the top, but
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Bald Peak Activation


K7ATN and I activated Bald Peak between Forest Grove and Newberg today for my first ever SOTA activation. Thanks to K7ATN for showing me the ropes, even if the sunshine he promised didn't materialize!

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Activating Devil's Mtn


Devil's Mountain is just off I-5 as you pass through Skagit Valley, south of Mount Vernon.  It's an easy 2 pointer via a gated logging road. 

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My last activiation for 2012


With a couple days of non-rain, I just had to get out of the house and activate a summit.  "Mt. Electric" is the first summit I've activated that wasn't a "first activation".  That said, it was about right for me at this time of year.  The drive is an easy one.  I won't go into details - but all except the last mile is on paved roads.  I've trooped around a bit in the Marckworth State Forest before, but not in this part.

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Tumalo Mountain, OR


Taylor and I returned to Tumalo Mountain this weekend to score a rare 6 pointer in winter, with a justified bonus. Tumalo Mountain is a strenuous, yet technically easy ascent. The trail up to the summit leaves from the Dutchman Flats Sno-Park, just north of the entrance to the Mt Bachelor ski area on Cascade Lakes Highway. Because this is a popular winter recreation area, the parking area is packed with people looking to snow-machine, ski, and snowshoe to the top.

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Bells Mountain, WA | Dec-2012


It was a winter wonderland on Bells Mountain above 2000 feet on Christmas Eve, pleasant to look at, not too bad to hike in, but a 'non-starter' for my rear wheel drive vehicle.It's always best to park on the right side of the gate and hike the road - it's an easy 1.6 miles to the summit.

The directions below are from Interstate 5 - some of the mileages seemed a bit off but otherwise it will get you to the gate.

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Steens Mountain, OR | Sep-2012


This is the only 'drive-up' ten pointer in Oregon - but perhaps because it's eight hours from the Willamette Valley it remains a pretty quiet place. The scenery and silence of this high desert place have made it my favorite spot in the world for more than twenty years with many trips bringing family and friends to see this place. It was great to have a chance to activate it for Summits on the Air. 

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Roxy Ann Peak, OR | Dec-2012


I was in Medford for work and had an afternoon free – nothing better than a close-in activation of Roxy Ann Peak, probably one of the best-named peaks that I’ve activated. It’s just east of Medford and is surrounded by Prescott Park.

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Green Mountain North, WA | Dec-2012


An easy two-pointer in SW Washington that is pretty close to Portland with pavement all the way to the gates where you start your short hike. The weather for this activation was chilly but dry. The directions below will get you there from Interstate 5 although directions from Exit 30/Kalama might be a bit easier to follow.


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Sheridan Peak W7O/NC-009 an Easy Target for Beginners


Just past Oregon wine country resides Sheridan Peak W7O/NC-009. This peak has an elevation of 3000ft and resides in the heavily timbered coastal range. For beginners to SOTA, this is perfect place to start and gain experience. This peak resides in the Nestucca Recreation Area, specially created to manage the impact of an extensive and wonderful network of OHV trails. There are specific restrictions within this area, so please check with the BLM before you camp or light fires.