Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Little Tahoma attempt


Little Tahoma is a 11,138 ft summit on the east flank of Mt. Rainier. The route requires crossing the Frying Pan and Whitman glaciers.

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Wildcat Mtn, OR


On 5 June, 2013 I headed up to Wildcat Mtn. in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness section of Mt. Hood National Forest OR for my first attempt at a SOTA activation. This is a quick and easy trip out of the Portland area, so give it a go!

Douglas Trail #781: route described below starts at Upper Douglas Trailhead

Driving Directions:

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Squak Mtn, WA | Dec-2012


Just south of downtown Issaquah is Squak Mountain. It's a Washington State Park and so access is straightforward. From the north trailhead it's 2.3 miles one way on a maze of trails where it's a good idea to check the trail map carefully as there are several junctions on the way to the summit and one unsigned (very short) trail link.

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Peak 1060, OR | June-2013


Along this trail I observed the largest spruce trees I've seen in Oregon - the trail is nearly a perfect picture of the Oregon coastal rain forest. That being said, there are no expansive views, no place for your antenna, and no place to sit...but it is an nice hike on the Oregon coast and close to Highway 101. 

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Shafer Butte, ID | May-2013


Shafer Butte is an excellent activation not far from Metro Boise - about an hour up Bogus Basin Road will get you there - and another 1.25 miles or so and 700 feet of hiking will gain you the summit proper. Or consider that there is a ski lift a few feet away from the summit - buy a lift ticket and climb a little and earn the bonus points for a "ski" activation during the winter.

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Cooper Mountain, OR | April 2013


Cooper Mountain might be another typical urban activation as at first glance nearby Cooper Mountain Nature Park looks like the perfect place to activate --- but it's not actually in the activation zone. There are alternative spots - one across the street from the summit on a sidewalk and perhaps the best at nearby Winkelman Park (see the trip report).

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Spencer Butte, OR | Apr-2013


Spencer Butte is a Eugene city park about four miles south of downtown. The address for the most convenient trailhead is 85401 South Willamette Street and the trailhead parking lot is well signed as the Spencer Butte Trailhead. This trailhead has the shortest routes to the summit.

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Little Mountain - Easy access from I-5 in Mt. Vernon, WA



This easy 1 point summit is just off I-5 and can be quickly accomplished if you're passing through the scenic Skagit Valley.

The road is paved all the way to the top but there is also a network of trails.  The road is gated at the bottom but is open from 10am to dusk.  This is a city of Mt. Vernon park.  It's common to find cars parallel parked along the road near the gate for those that want to walk to the top.

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Mt. Erie - An easy "Must Do" from Anacortes, WA


If you're visiting the scenic mariner town of Anacortes, or passing through on your way to the San Juan Island ferry, Mt. Erie is a quick easy 1 pointer with great views.

This summit can be reached via a paved road all the way to the top, or park at the bottom and utilitze the extensive network of trails to reach the summit.  Once there, I set up on the south side of the hill, a rocky area looking at Whidbey Island and Lake Campbell.  Tall fir trees lie just behind the rocks, perfect for wire antenna deployment. 


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More wind and some sleet


2012-06-17 Sawmill Ridge CN97gd86

The weather did not improve at all. It got worse actually. When I started from Kelly Butte trailhead started to drizzle. On the summit I got some sleet with strong wind. Luckily twenty meter was much better, but still in bad condition.