Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Prune Hill, WA | Dec 2021


I was able to activate Prune Hill this past Friday morning along with Rich KJ7UIP.  Google Maps had accurate directions to Dorothy Fox Park which is inside the activation zone.  The park was a bit soggy from all the rain but we found a convenient tree to lean a fiberglass mast against w/ a J-pole for 2m.

Got 6 QSO in short order.  Thanks again to all our chasers!!!

We then headed up the gorge to activate Beacon Rock (W7W/LC-163).

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Wickiup Mountain, OR | November, 2021


Wickiup Mountain is a summit on the edge of Astoria's Bear Creek Watershed, from which they draw their water, as well as an active radio site. As such, access from the south is gated, and road access from the north stops just shy of the summit. What followed is one of the thickest, roughest bushwhacks, mile for mile, of my SOTA career, but it was nice to tick this one off the list. If you route find a little better than I do, you might have a better time, and if you hit it earlier in the year, the die-back of the brush might benefit you.

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Lake Mountain, OR Dec 2021


Lake mountain has been on my list for quite a while but for some reason I had the impression it was going to be much harder.  I was waiting to do it with a partner for safety reasons but it ended up being a great day of just me and Maggie. It is a steep mountain but most of it is either trailed or open meadow until you get towards the very top. I made the mistake of going straight up not looking at my GPS satellite images and got very tangled up in the manzanita and buck brush. This is definitely not Maggie's favorite way to hike, sometimes refusing.

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Rock Candy Mountain, Montana - 30 August 2021


Rock Candy Mountain is an old US Forest Service Lookout site. The summit views are great with cliff cirque basins full of chipmunks, golden-mantle squirrels and chirping pikas, and distant high peaks of the Cabinets Mountains to the south, the Selkirk Mountains to the west and into Canada to the North.

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Beacon Rock WA | November 2021


Summary - This is an easy climb up a series of switchbacks cemented to the side of the basalt plug that is Beacon Rock. Given the proximity to Vancouver and Portland, the short hike, and the fabulous view, this is a very popular destination. For uninterrupted operating time you'll want to combine arriving early, bad weather, and mid-week day. HF operation is possible, 2M contacts are easy, APRS and phone service are good. Parking requires a Washington Discover Pass or a ten buck day pass.

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Little Bear, WA | Nov 2021


Before I dive in to the trip report, I want to make the access concerns clear to anyone reading. This summit is part of Cashmere Canyons, a privately-owned wildlife preserve. It is open to the public for hiking, but because its primary purpose is wildlife protection, it has a very short and specific list of allowed activities, and amateur radio is not among them. I am fortunate enough to be friends with the owner so I asked for permission to operate my KX2 here.

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Slategoat Mountain, MT | July, 2021


17.6 miles; + 5,900 feet; -1,900 feet; From the TH near Gibson Dam

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Bear Mountain, WA | Nov 2021


Bear Mountain is an easy hike with a reasonable approach. The hike is about a 4 mile round trip with around 800 feet of elevation gain.

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Wildcat Mountain, OR | Oct 2021


This Wildcat Mountain is the one south of Mt. Hood and is just an hour east of Portland, reachable on a paved road. The 2 mile (OW) trail is pleasant with a bit over 1000 feet of gain. In a few places along the trail there is some nice scenery but the summit itself is surrounded by trees and thus has no views.  

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Foley Peak, OR | August 2020


Foley Peak is a short hike including a "choose your own adventure" bushwhack where there used to be a trail but there is no longer, up to the site of what used to be a fire lookout but is no longer. There might be ghosts.