Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Golden Mountain - Montana 24May2020


One-day triple-summits activation.  A good US Forest Service road system gets one close enough to activate three summits easily in one day, a bit rare in Western Montana.  The other two summits, Burnt Mountain (W7M/GA-145) and Babcock Mountain (W7M/GA-146) are accessible via short hikes from the same US Forest Service road system. 

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Idaho Oct 2020 / Summit 7081


This summit is located South of Pocatello Idaho. Take Bannock Highway through town and turn at Gibson Jack Rd. The Trailhead is approx 3 miles on paved road. Once at the Gibson Jack TH take either trail 7015 which is a steep, exposed motorized trail...I would only take a dirt bike or 4 wheeler due to the condition of the trail or you can take single track non-motorized trail number 7014 which is longer but less exposed. I generally choose to hike the motorized trail due to time constraints.

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Peak 2020, OR | August 2020


Peak 2020 is relatively easy-to-access summit near the city of Tillamook on BLM land. It's nearly or fully drive up depending on your transport. From the look of the area, it's probably a known go-to spot for offroaders and hunters in the local forest who want a good view and a place for an evening fire.

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Kerby Peak, OR | Oct 2020


Kerby Peak is a summit that can be reached on a very well maintained trail with good instructions and descriptions already on the web:

The Hike:

The Trail head:

It’s rocky on top so I suggest bringing your own antenna support.




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Brandy Peak, OR | Oct 2020


Brandy Peak is a short hike on a good trail. It is accessible in any vehicle. It’s not close to a population center. You knew there was a catch. The views from the top are spectacular and 360 degrees. It might be on your shuttle route if you are running the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue or the Illinois Rivers. Road is closed in winter.

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Bear Camp Summit (4300), OR | Oct 2020


Bear Camp Summit is a name I have given this peak which is just off of Bear Camp Road (NF-23). Bear Camp road is famous to river runners as the shuttle road when doing the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue river. It is infamous for the Kim family tragedy. Don't attempt this activation in winter.

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Cedar Springs Mountain, OR | Oct 2020


Cedar Springs Mountain is a peak near Grants Pass that is an easy walk from a locked gate, 1.7 miles round trip with 500 feet of elevation gain. There is communications equipment on the summit, but I suffered no RFI because of it. It has a nice operating point with lots of options for stringing antennas including large and small trees and the communications area fence posts. I found an all natural pole support. View is nice, but is blocked a bit by the trees so a bit of walking around is needed to see it all.

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Sula Peak, Montana | 16May2020


At less than 4 miles of good road off Highway 93, Sula Peak is a popular ‘travelers’ summit for drive-up VHF DN25/DN35 and SOTA activations.  A modern US Forest lookout and a communications facility occupy the summit.  Frequently there are bighorn sheep grazing in the area and especially in the spring on the highway. 

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Giveout Mountain, OR | October 2020


Giveout Mountain's summit can be reached by car or truck on generally good logging roads. Portions of the drive up are steep and narrow; I recommend 4WD. There is recent evidence of a shooting range on the summit. During my visit several groups scouted the area and there were at least a dozen such ranges set up in the vicinity. I imagine that arriving in the late morning on a weekend day may lead to disappointment.

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Peak 3020, WA | October 2020


A 'sorta' near drive-up in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest north of Carson. You can drive within a mile of this unremarkable peak and likely have a nice quiet time playing radio.