Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Swamp Peak, OR | October 6th 2019


We didn't see any swamps, and it certainly wasn't swamped with people!

Getting to the trailhead was straighforward by following the directions at

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Copper Creek Peak, WA September 2019


Our first snow of the year. I have done all the 8 point summits in the upper Dungeness area that I can get to with a day hike except this one. It seemed like a relatively easy one, 6 miles in with a half mile off trail to the summit. It was a good day for it. About a foot of power snow at the summit, but the ground under the snow wasn't  frozen yet, so I could still get good traction without crampons. 

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West Twin Butte, WA | Sept 2019


WW7D and I were in the area for the WA State QSO party (Salmon Run). This was the 2nd summit we did on this extremely wet Sunday in late Sept.

The road up to West Twin Butte is really fun... if you are on a motorcycle! The last 1/2 mile of this road is heavily rutted out, and would be a challenge for a high-clearence 4x4. Most people will probably opt to park lower down and walk up the road.

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Termination Point, WA | Sept 2019


WW7D and I were in Skamania County for the WA state QSO party (Salmon Run). This was one of two summits we visited on Sunday of that weekend. Neither of us realized it at the time, but this was the first activation of this summit.

Termination Point is a great little summit! There is a steep boot path from the end of the road up to the summit - a little faint and bushwhacky in some spots. The hike is very short - something like 1/2 mile and ~100' of elevation gain.

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The Wet Weather Won - Wilderness Pk, WA


Today's attempted activation of Wilderness Peak W7W/KG-132 was my second attempt at my first SOTA activation. My cousin and I have been hiking all summer on various trails between Lake Washington and Snoqualmie Pass. In the last few weeks I've decided that I'd give SOTA a try. We made it up to the top of Wilderness Peak today where I was stymied by steady rain and radio problems. I called it a bust and will try again in a few weeks.

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Tower Mountain, OR | September 2019


Tower Mountain really does have a tower on it. The 92'-tall Aermotor steel lookout tower was built in 1935. It is still standing and accessible today. Your level of enjoyment with the activation will likely increase if you are able to use the tower in your activation. This peak is the highest and most prominent point in Umatilla County, Oregon, but the summit is tree lined so getting up the tower gets you above the trees.

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Eagle Cap, OR | September 2019


Eagle Cap is a gem of the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon. We approached from Lostine, Oregon for a total hike of about 20 miles (32km) round trip and 4,000 feet of gain (1220m). The trail is rocky in places and often steep. We enjoyed an overnight stay in the Lakes Basin with a side trip to Eagle Cap. Only some of the 19 ten-point summits in the Wallowas have an established trail - this peak is very approachable, despite the long hike required.

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Long Mountain, Oregon | August 2019


Long Mountain has finally been activated! A 12 mile round trip for 1 point that costs $75 just to step foot past the logging road gate. A quiet hike with not a soul to disturb you while you take a long walk on the mostly exsposed logging roads. You will see wildlife, mostly birds, along with a stunning view of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams if the weather is clear.

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Mount Maguire, BC | July 2019


Here is Eric's (VA7NX) activation story about Mount Maguire. It was a difficult session but ended with a pleasant surprise.

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Crater Peak, OR | August 2019


Crater Peak is a pleasant trail hike in Crater Lake National Park. It's been covered in a trip report by Phil-NS7P, so this should be considered a supplement. It's about 6.4 miles round trip, and although the sign at the trailhead says 765 feet of gain, that's net - the gross is more like 1,364 feet with all the ups and downs along the trail.