Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Pistol Butte, OR | June 2022


Full writeup  here

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Winnemucca Mountain, NV | June 2022


As we were driving through Winnemucca, NV on the way back from AZ, I seized the opportunity to activate W7N/HU-089, which is a paved, slightly potholed drive-up summit.

There are a lot of electrical wires going ever which way around the summit so I picked a somewhat open area towards the south side of the activation zone and tied my fiberglass mast to the fence surrounding the communcations towers.

I was able to quickly raise 11 QSOs on 20m and then switched to 40m for another 8 including a S2S with N6AN.

2m was pretty much dead with only 1 QSO to my dear XYL.

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6742, MT| June, 2022


5.4 miles; + 2,077 feet; -608 feet; From the Petty Creek TH along Ford Creek

From the intersection of Hwy 287 and Main Street in Augusta, travel southwest on Main Street, turn right in 0.3 miles and follow the signs towards Benchmark.  The trailhead is at the USFS Double Falls campground 19.3 miles from Augusta.

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Mount Lewis, NV | June 2022


On a recent trip back from Arizona, we stopped overnight in Battle Mountain, NV.  A 10pt summit (W7N/EL-017) was a mere 50 mins away so I made time to head up there.  Previous reports indicated that it was an easy, if somewhat long, drive up to the summit and I found that the dirt road was still in excellent shape, though there are several tight switchbacks to be nagivated.

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4140, OR May 2022


I went to this little summit on my way back from failing to be able to get close enough to Little Grayback Peak. Still were several foot deep drifts miles away from the trailhead. Its about a 1.3 mi hike from a BLM gate at the west side ridge. You can navigate up through the forest finding some clearing from very old logging roads. I think they may be getting ready to cut some of this area again soon. There are 2 peaks to the mountain that are both in the AZ. I chose to set up at the west peak. 

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Mud Springs Mountain, OR May 2022


I went to do Mud Springs as a new activation after doing Chase. I typically do Chase and Hamaker but I was at 994 points and didn't want to do a late activation as my MG activation so went to this 2 point mountain instead. It is a bit of a drive for 2 points alone so I have ignored it in the past. It was a nice short little hike. Some views through the trees including a glimpse of Shasta. We parked at the south side of the mountain and hiked up, only about 1/4 mi up is my estimation. Plenty of area to set up, can pick shade or sun.

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Round Butte, OR | May 2022


On a recent trip over to eastern Oregon, I had the opportunity to stop in Madras and a nearby summit Round Butte (W7O/CN-074) beckoned.  The directions from Google Maps led me up the approach from the north which turns onto a dirt road.  It is drivable in good, dry conditions but if you are at all worried there is another approach by continuing on west and around which finally climbs from the south.  That road is paved all the way to the top.  The paving is crumbling in places but still drivable.

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Nice walk with Fascinating Views


This summit has a lot of value to it aside from the 4 points.  Its just a nice place to be.  Ample good parking at the visitor center.  Fascinating views of lava fields for the walk up the road to the top, and great views from the top.  A NW Forest Pass or day use fee is required.  The gate for the road to the top was open when I was there so you could drive to the top, however there is a 30 minute time limit for parking. Its a small parking area and busy so they keep cars rotating out.  Leaves insufficient time for SOTA-ing.

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Pinochle Peak, OR | May 2021


I received some pointers from Anne, K7AHR, they were crucial to getting there as the map and mapping software suggested turning up the west bank of the Salmonberry River. That road is replete with no trespassing signs.

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2180 (aka Battle Ridge), OR | May 2022


I had planned to activate a few summits before helping with the Tillamook Burn 100 Miler race but it was cancelled and I had already made the overnight reservations so I decided to activate my way back from Cape Lookout to Portland via Blaine Rd / Nestucca Rd.