Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Light Peak, OR | Sep 2013


Light Peak is located about one hour northeast of Lakeview, Oregon and features the Drake Peak Lookout that can be rented in summer. (Yes, Drake Peak Lookout is on the shoulder of Light Peak and not on Drake Peak...)

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Bald Mountain, OR March 2020


I love Bald Mountain. Not sure what it is about this gem. Maybe just like Wagner Butte and Grizzly Peak, it's a mountain I stare and gaze at frequently. It is the view from our ranch meadow (Brickpile Ranch) so again one of those mountains I wanted to hike but never did until SOTA. Each activation I have done from a different areas since it is a long summit, only once have I took the trail. If feeling ambitious I recommend doing Point Mountain or Anderson Butte same day.

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Deadman Hill, MT| June, 2019


4.3 mi, +2,100 feet

This is a good earlier season hike that offers spectacular views and some isolation after leaving the main Sun River Trail.

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Negro Ben Mountain, OR July 2019


I was driving by Negro Ben every week for a job so decided to give it a try on my way home one morning, being that it was “just a 2 pointer” I thought no problem. It was a little exciting for my first solo activation. The majority of the walk up was easy, just a gated road. Then you have to bushwack your way up from the end of the road. A few yards in I had a rattlesnake slither right across my foot as I took a long stride up the bank. Yikes! I set up in the timber, there is some open areas at the very top but I was looking for shade in July.

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Burton Butte, OR March 2020


Took a drive to see if this neglected butte was easily accessible for a Sunday afternoon drive. Turns out all roads were open and you can drive to the contour line if you wish. Road finishes in contour with a large open area and fire pit. The weather was shifting so we chose to build a campfire and set up within the contour but did not bushwack to the peak. No real view other than from the road coming up. I walked down and enjoyed some of the views looking towards Woodrat Mtn and Ruch.

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Wagner Butte, OR July 2019


Wagner Butte is a harder hike mainly due to distance, but is at the top of my list of favorites. It will be a good 10 mile hike round trip with about 2200' gain, if using the trail. (SEE UPDATE at bottom for alternate route).Wagner is part of our family cattle range and being familiar with the area we took a short cut through some NF up past the trailhead, to knock a couple miles and a few hundred feet elevation off the hike.

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Mt. Isabelle, OR March 2020


Follow road maps to Forest Creek Rd off of Hwy 238. You will turn left on BLM 38 3W 5 where there is a large sign for Oregon Belle Creek Access Road. On google this is Isabelle Mt. Rd but there is no sign with that name. Road is worn through asphalt with plenty of potholes but very driveable. You will immediately pass an old historic school on your right and numerous interesting old gold mining rock piles covered in moss along the creekside just past the 2mi marker. Drive until you reach Isabelle Saddle, info board and picnic table are present.

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Mt Townsend, WA March 2020


March 21, I left the  trailhead (Upper Dungeness, across from Tubal Cain trailhead) at 1230. My Prius had chains on for part of the drive, just barely enought clearance with the snow. The trail had snow starting at 4500 feet. Microspikes were sufficient. Real snow started at 5000 feet, and I wished I had my backcountry skis. I was postholing up to my knees consistently, but deeper sometimes on the east aspect in the shade where the snow was more powdery. But it wouldn't have been a good ski tour, as I would have had to take the skis off many, many times due to wind-swept bare areas.

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Cougar Mountain, OR | Feb 2020


Cougar Mountain is an easy drive up near Seaside, OR. Or is it?

The conundrum comes because of two gates. Both were open when I went up, neither had signs, not even the seemingly mandatory warning about closing at any time. I rolled the dice this time, but now that I know what's up there I'll bring a bike if I come back.

Here are the directions which work regardless of your mode of transport. That includes the carefully driven passenger car, although this route had less than the normal amount of potholes, so not so carefully? Watch out for log trucks anyway.