Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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Rocky Top, OR - June 2022


To get to Rocky Top from the Valley, take Hwy 22 in Marion County east past Gates, OR to Niagara Hts. Rd, across from Niagra Park at the intersection with the red and white waterwheel, well-known to area residents and weekend travelers to Central Oregon.  Watch out, the left turn approaches fast as you round the corner and I still miss it despite having been up there several times.

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Crater Mountain, OR | August 2021


What will become a theme with these summits in the Mountain Lakes Wilderness, is that there isn't really a trail to the top.  I elected to get to the top by following the ridge which leads, almost in a crescent shape, to the summit from the Clover creek trailhead.  I feel as far as distance/ease of travel this is the best route.  See the image below.

Crater track


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Mount Harriman, OR | Sept 2021


Compared to nearby Mount Carmine, getting to the trailhead of this one is a breeze.  I parked at the Varney Creek trailhead off of Highway 140.  The road is well signed and in good shape with plenty of parking.  This summit though, at least the way I went, uses absolutely zero official trail.  From the parking lot I headed south along what looked to be an old logging road that has since been overgrown  It didn't take long for that to fade away then you are left with open forest to find your way.  The lower part of this route had been logged previously which mad

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Mt. Ashland, OR June 2022


I just noticed I never did summaries for some of my first summits especially if they had a previous review so with the 2022 campout coming soon I am trying to catch up on some. Mt Ashland is an easy, popular summit. Outstanding 360 view of NCA to CLNP rim to Josephine Co. Cool boulder stacks too. You can drive to the dome on the summit if you wish. Just go a little ways past the Mt Ashland campground and you will see the road on the right with a not so visible sign (it is on a tall post since it is used during deep snow).

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Horse Ridge - June 19, 2022


Pretty easy summit, but you have to bushwack. Full Report here

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Burton Butte, OR June 2022


I got on  here to correct/ edit my previous blog but realized I never did a first! I've done Burton a few times and it isn't that significant in features. Just an easy stroll through the timber. Plenty of area to set up. A nice easy trek, shaded summit but no view. No established trail but the dead end road you can continue on by foot and there are other cleared out areas from logging roads many years ago. For some reason I get discombobulated easily coming down Burton and sometimes come to far left nearly missing the spur. If you are like me, keep a tracker going.

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Wildhorse Lookout


Great location and good access from FS Rd 33- Agnes Rd.  Road paved for several miles then a wide, well-maintained gravel road.  Ample parking across from the road gate.  Easy 1/2-mi hike to the summit.  Old fire lookout is decommissioned but easy to hang one end of your EFHW and sit at the picnic table.  360-deg view from the bald summit.

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Pistol Butte, OR | June 2022


Short but challenging road hike. Summer is very accessible, winter may require longer snowshoe/ski as roads are closed in winter.

Full writeup  here

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Winnemucca Mountain, NV | June 2022


As we were driving through Winnemucca, NV on the way back from AZ, I seized the opportunity to activate W7N/HU-089, which is a paved, slightly potholed drive-up summit.

There are a lot of electrical wires going ever which way around the summit so I picked a somewhat open area towards the south side of the activation zone and tied my fiberglass mast to the fence surrounding the communcations towers.

I was able to quickly raise 11 QSOs on 20m and then switched to 40m for another 8 including a S2S with N6AN.

2m was pretty much dead with only 1 QSO to my dear XYL.

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6742, MT| June, 2022


5.4 miles; + 2,077 feet; -608 feet; From the Petty Creek TH along Ford Creek

From the intersection of Hwy 287 and Main Street in Augusta, travel southwest on Main Street, turn right in 0.3 miles and follow the signs towards Benchmark.  The trailhead is at the USFS Double Falls campground 19.3 miles from Augusta.