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Putney Mountain, VT | May-2012


Putney Mountain could be a minimalists activation dream if you live in Southern Vermont - it was for me as the B&B we stayed during my visit was just ten minutes from the trailhead - only a few miles outside of Putney, Vermont.

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Zero Butte


This 2-point summit is located about 0.9 of a mile SSE from the old Air Force Radar Station near Condon, OR. There is a dirt road leading south from Richmond Road to Zero Butte. The altitude difference between Richmond Road and Zero Butte is about 8' (per Google Earth). There is a dip in the road about 0.2 mile from Zero Butte that is about 12' below Zero Butte. Consequently, the SOTA Final Ascent 100 vertical feet consideration is a little tough to rigorously meet -- some hiking around might compensate a bit.

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Marys Peak


The ease of access and great operating position are some of Marys Peaks many advantages. This must be balanced, however, against the multitude of communications antennas already on the site. The 145.13 and 146.78 repeaters are on the summit in addition to a lot of USFS and other government installations. This can make the site RF noisy at times. That being said, there is a reason why the gear is up there. The site overlooks the entire valley and now that the antenna on the 145.13 repeater is repaired, it is capable of contacts with an HT all the way in Portland, at least 80 miles away.

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Wildcat Mountain


Today JD (K7JDF) and I headed out for an easy 1-point summit: Wildcat Mountain. This summit is on the eastern edge of the Tillamook State Forest and is very accessible from the Portland metro area and provides an excellent operating position at the top as well as a fantastic view.

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Bunker Hill, WA | May 2012


Taylor (K7TAY) and I activated Bunker Hill this weekend in southern Washington. This relatively easy hike starts flat on the Pacific Crest Trail before heading up a spur to the summit. All of the elevation is gained in a relatively short period of time, but the trail is not technical and easy to follow.