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Davis Peak Activation - 3 Nov 2012

This was my first SOTA summit activation.  Due to the weather (rain and heavy fog) I chose a summit close to home.  Davis Peak is a major radio repeater site about 13 miles east of Woodland at Exit 21 from I-5.

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"Chasers Rock" (Peak 4980), OR | Oct-2012

Peak 4980, to be known throughout SOTAdom as "Chasers Rock," is an easy activation just south of Mount Hood, Oregon. It has great views (in the right weather) and some wilderness character about it. And there is an old trail that makes access fairly easy.

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Devil's Peak, OR | Oct-2012


Devil's Peak is an easy hike, even if it's not an easy drive. After starting your hike from the Turnaround Trailhead you'll be at the summit after only a mile and a half and 700 feet of ga

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Video Trip Report Sauk Mtn

Here is my video trip report from August 11, 2012 of Sauk Mountain in Skagit County, WA.  This is a relativaly easy hike (less than 2 miles, about 1,200 ft. of gain) and is right off of Highway 20 near Concrete, WA.  If you're traveling over the Cascade Pass, it's a must do.  Be aware that it's a very popular hike. 

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A pleasant end to a late summer

When I heard that the long-standing dry and sunny weather we'd been having for weeks was about to end on Friday, I cleared a day off work on Thursday and determined to take another stab at Mt McCausland.  The drive to the trailhead is pretty straightforward.

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Augspurger Mountain, WA | Apr-2012

The trail was difficult at this time of year with significant blowdown from an ice storm in February. I actually turned back twice but then decided to give it one more try. (Well, two more.) The attached photo shows the obliterated trail - the blowdown went on for almost a mile. I also hit continuous snow at 2200 feet (Augspurger tops out near 3700). I eventually lost the trail again in the snow kicking steps and then was postholing for about an hour.

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PNW SOTA Activations - Some Statistics


Update, 10-Oct-2012

Of the 7,117 SOTA peaks in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Idaho), 313 have been activated (still just 4%). There have been 50 more activated in Oregon and Washington since 1-August-2012.

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Mount Scott, OR (Clackamas County) | Jan-2012


THIS Mount Scott (Scott, Mount in the ARM) is a volcanic cinder cone (extinct) southeast of Portland, Oregon.

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Prune Hill, WA | Jan-2012


Prune Hill is an extinct volcanic vent, 755 feet ASL, located in Camas, Washington, about 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon. This summit is in a suburban neighborhood with no public space near the summit itself. 

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Activating Pinnacle Peak, WA 9/27/2012

Fred Beckey's book, 'Cascade Alpine Guide' tells readers that Pinnacle Peak is not the highest in the Tatoosh peaks, but Pinnacle's central position and attractive form have made it the most popular ascent in Mt Rainier National Park.  He's right about that...