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PNW SOTA Activations - Some Statistics


Update, 10-Oct-2012

Of the 7,117 SOTA peaks in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Idaho), 313 have been activated (still just 4%). There have been 50 more activated in Oregon and Washington since 1-August-2012.

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Mount Scott, OR (Clackamas County) | Jan-2012


THIS Mount Scott (Scott, Mount in the ARM) is a volcanic cinder cone (extinct) southeast of Portland, Oregon.

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Prune Hill, WA | Jan-2012


Prune Hill is an extinct volcanic vent, 755 feet ASL, located in Camas, Washington, about 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon. This summit is in a suburban neighborhood with no public space near the summit itself. 

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Activating Pinnacle Peak, WA 9/27/2012

Fred Beckey's book, 'Cascade Alpine Guide' tells readers that Pinnacle Peak is not the highest in the Tatoosh peaks, but Pinnacle's central position and attractive form have made it the most popular ascent in Mt Rainier National Park.  He's right about that...

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Larch Mountain, OR | Feb-2012


Let's start by making sure we are talking about Oregon's Larch Mountain and not one of the two Larch Mountains in Washington, and not the one in Idaho either.

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Dog Mountain, WA | March-2012

Dog Mountain is a wonderful climb nine months of the year - but in March we went from spotty sun and 38F to snow blowing sideways at 25 mph and perhaps 27F in a partial white out. It's a bit less than eight miles round trip with 2900 feet of gain.

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No Access to Biddle Butte, WA

Biddle Butte is also known as Mount Zion and is located in Skamania County, Washington, about 20 miles west of Portland, Oregon. Biddle Butte is 1,460 feet ASL and was named for Henry J. Biddle, an early conservationist of the Gorge.  Biddle was responsible for building the trail to the top of Beacon Rock, completed in 1918. There is no public access to this summit. 

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Announcement: Vanity Name the Numbered Peak Program

Vanity Name the Numbered Peak Promotion

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Paulina Peak, OR | Sep-2012

This is a straightforward drive-up activation about an hour south of Bend with great views. Paulina Peak and North Paulina Peak are both in the Newberry National&nbs

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North Paulina Peak, OR | Sep-2012

This would be a great activation on a mountain bike - the single track looks like a good time. On busy weekends hikers might be outnumbered by bikes - however, for this early fall, late evening activation I saw no one on the trail. The trail is about 4.1 miles one way with about 3/10 miles of that cross country and 1300 feet of elevation gain.