Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Bushwhacking Stams Mtn, OR | June 2020


I have to say, this was a fun hike, it's really my style.  It is truly a bushwhack hike, there is no trail, and you will not be afforded a road or any kind of guide.  A GPS waypoint of the peak is absolutely necessary, and even that won't help you at points from getting into trouble with really dense, thick undergrowth.  Be prepared to climb over and through stands of pine trees, manzanita, and deadfall.  This area is littered with old logging roads, which have given rise to dense thick stands of 1" pine trees 6 inches apart.  The path you will likely take crosses t

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Rye Spur, OR June 2020


On my way home from activating Pelican Butte I took a detour to see if Rye Spur  was accessible for a future date. Take the turn towards Fourmile Lake (FS RD 3661) off of 140 the turn right on FS RD 360, then right FS RD 363. It turned out we were able to drive the FS RD 363 pretty close to the summit and chose to hike the short walk up and do a very quick activation. It was probably about a half mile up with a gradual, easy ascent. The last of the road going in is very tight and a bit rough. It dead ends at a good turn around with fire pit.

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Idaho – Bad Luck Mountain 23June2018


Bad Luck Mountain is an old US Forest Service Lookout site that had a structure from 1939 till about 1980.  Only a few concrete blocks remain today.  The summit is mostly forested now with 25-40 year-old Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine.  Open grassland falls steeply from the summit to the south.

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Peak 2382, OR May 2020


Should you want to do this peak, here us the short version. Note that the long version is a cautionary tale.

Get yourself to Henry Hagg lake. Proceed around the lake until you find Scoggins Valley Road. Turn west here and proceed up the road. Note that you bear left almost immediately to stay on Scoggins Valley Road. After about two miles you will come to a gate. There is parking within sight of the gate.

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Dinah-Mo Peak, OR | May 2020


Adrian, Patrick and I headed up for some backpacking/activating on Friday. We drove to South Breitenbush Trailhead with the intent of camping 2 miles in then attempting a first activation of Dinah-Mo Peak and heading back down the next day. Well, with what I thought was an hour of slack time, we encountered first some downed trees on NF46 (Clackamas River Hwy - Breitenbush River Road) and then were stopped by downed trees a mile and a half from the trailhead. No big deal, we have a little time, right?

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Fuller Mountain, WA | May 2020


Another nice little peak in the Snoqualmie Forest, located in the Campbell Global logging property. The "trail" to the summit has been re-done recently, making it far easier to find than my last trip there 2 years ago - Thanks to whoever did this!  This trip is best done as "bike-n-hike". Easy 2 mile bike ride along loggin roads to the "trailhead".

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Cinnamon Butte, OR | July 2017


This is a fun activation with an manned fire lookout (active during summer only of course) a few miles north of Crater Lake National Park. If the lookout is occupied and the gate is open, it would be a drive-up. If the gate is locked, it's a mere 1.7 miles of road walking. Along Highway 138 and about 11 miles north of Highway  209 that enters Crater Lake National Park, find Cinnamon Butte LO Road (FS 4793). After about 1.7 miles you'll turn left to head up - here the road turns a bit rough but it has been driven in a carefully piloted passenger car.

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Peak 2384, Oregon | April, 2020


This is one of the last holdouts near Portland! After a successful first activation by AF7MD on W7O/NC-082, and the previous activation last year of W7O/NC-085 by WJ7WJ, I thought it was high time to bag this one before anyone else got to it!

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Bald Mountain, OR March 2020


I love Bald Mountain. Not sure what it is about this gem. Maybe just like Wagner Butte and Grizzly Peak, it's a mountain I stare and gaze at frequently. It is the view from our ranch meadow (Brickpile Ranch) so again one of those mountains I wanted to hike but never did until SOTA. Each activation I have done from a different areas since it is a long summit, only once have I took the trail. If feeling ambitious I recommend doing Point Mountain or Anderson Butte same day.

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3100, OR April 2020


We (me and N7HAP) did this after W7O/SC-267, I would recommend doing them both if up there. We went up expecting a nice 75degree day but got that Oregon liquid sunshine instead. This was N7HAP's first successful activation! He also logged the very first SOTA contact for this summit, YAY!