Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Idaho - Indian Ridge 15Jun2017


Indian Ridge is accessed by trail beginning on the Selway River near Indian Creek Campground. This US Forest Service primitive campground is famous from the humous outdoor book INDIAN CREEK CHRONICLES where the author, college student Pete Fromm spent a winter watching over an Idaho Fish and Game artificial salmon rearing channel. The well- marked summit trail climbs through towering centuries-old ponderosa pine open-forest and some recent fire snag forests.

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Montana – University Mountain 28Dec2016


University Mountain with an adjoining lower non-SOTA summit, Mount Sentinel overlooks the city of Missoula.  Access is by three main routes, a road (closed to motor vehicles) or two trails.  It is a communication site for several Agency repeaters and a popular summit in summer and winter for hikers, mountain bikers and cross-country skiers.  The subordinate summit to the west is a launch site for hang gliders.  Visitors can be expected on any of your SOTA activations here.


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Dorn Peak Oregon


This must be one of the all time easiest summits to get to.  The dirt road is graded with no gravel.  The only way to know you're not on asphalt are the occassional potholes.  The summit is very large and surrounded with trees that obscure any view of the surrounding vistas.  There is a lot of trash scattered around from clay shooting with a large fire ring indicating a party destination.  The actual summit is a small knoll to the west of the flat area where I set up both a 2m "J" pole and a random wire HF antenna.

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Clarks Mud Pit, Oregon


When the plans for the weekend fell through, the sherpas jumped into action and planned something to do before telling me. Fearing that a free weekend would lead to a trudge up some hill hauling a heap of radio gear they seized on the moment to make a unified plan and then make a joint announcement. But they are compassionate souls - as they planned their day of geocaching and photography, they sought to placate the old man by finding a location with a nearby, albeit more mild, summit. And thus the great scheme was launched.

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NS7P activation of Patterson Mountain in Lane County on October 3, 2017


Patterson Mountain is a 4460’ asl summit a few miles west of Oakridge, OR. It is rated at two points. To get there, drive east on Highway 58 for 24.7 miles from I-5 Exit 188A. Between mile posts 24 and 25 turn right on gravel Patterson Mountain Road 5840 and drive  five uphill miles to a fork at Patterson Saddle.

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Birkenfeld Mtn, WA | September 2015


Birkenfeld Mountain is a summit that can be done as part of a traverse that would include Three Corner Rock-W7W/LC-101 and Greenleaf Peak-W7W/LC-104. Or Three Corner and Birkenfeld and back the way you came - either make for a long day.

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Wind Mountain, WA | Oct 2017 Update


Wind Mountain is a nice hike in the Gorge with good views (in clear weather). It's about 2.5 miles round-trip and 1000 feet of gain. There's no pass required at the trailhead and it's often less busy than nearby Dog Mountain.

Head east on Highway 14 from Stevenson, Washington about 6.2 miles to Home Valley. Then turn onto Wind Mountain Road for 1.0 miles to turn right onto Girl Scout Road and go about 0.6 miles. This leads to a large dirt parking area at the end of the paving near 45.7145°, -121.7533°. This is usually the best place to park.

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McCartney Mountain, MT| May, 2017


4wd + Short Hike (0.9 Miles, +631 ft., -215 ft.)


Exit east from Exit 85 on I-15

Drive 4.3 miles south on Hwy-91

Turn left on Burma Road – Continue 3.1 miles

Turn left on 2-track at Chokecherry Gulch (by gravel pit)

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Peak 4005, OR | August 2017


Peak 4005 is a near drive-up summit a bit east of Mount Hood, accessed mostly on paved Forest Service roads. You should consider this summit in the Mount Hood 2m FM "dead zone" as we were not able to raise anyone on 146.52.

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SOTA Activation: Old Pass Hill - Chelan County / Kittitas County (on dividing line) - April 16, 2017


We finally got to Activate Old Pass Hill, after snowshoeing by it a number of times before.  Old Pass Hill is a 4 point SOTA Summit of 4,885 feet elevation.  In winter, the route is mostly avalanche free, and so is a semi popoluar snowshoe trip.  A nice spring day, right before a change in weather, yielded a mostly sunny early morning, with increasing wind and clouds later in the mid day.  The temperature at departure from the TH was 37 degrees, and the snow was firm enough to hike on without snowshoes.  On the return trip, it had warmed up enough to require snowshoes, and we were gald we had carried them in.  The trip is approximately 8.15 miles RT, with about 1,500 feet elevation gain, including many ups and downs along the ridge beween Swauk Creek & Scotty Creek in the Wenatchee Mountains, west of Blewett Pass.  We only saw 2 other people the entire day.