Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Negro Ben Mountain, OR July 2019


I was driving by Negro Ben every week for a job so decided to give it a try on my way home one morning, being that it was “just a 2 pointer” I thought no problem. It was a little exciting for my first solo activation. The majority of the walk up was easy, just a gated road. Then you have to bushwack your way up from the end of the road. A few yards in I had a rattlesnake slither right across my foot as I took a long stride up the bank. Yikes! I set up in the timber, there is some open areas at the very top but I was looking for shade in July.

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Grizzly Peak, OR June 2019


All this is by memory and was my very first SOTA but hope it is useful. Grizzly Peak trail is a commonly hiked trail in the Ashland area as it is easily accessed and well defined. Grizzly is the view all of us Ashlanders see each day. Follow any road map, easy to navigate. I recommend early hike during the busier times of the year (late spring, summer) as the dead end parking area gets very full, parking can get difficult and crowded.

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Frederick Butte, OR | March 2020


Located about 50 miles SE of Bend off of Hwy 20 is Frederick Butte (W7O/CE-130).  This is a good summit to combine with Hampton Butte (W7O/CE-074) if you’re visiting this part of central Oregon.  Frederick has fairly easy BLM road access to reach the base of the butte - via Frederick Butte Road, 10mi drive south of Hwy 20 - but requires a mile climb bushwhacking up to the summit.  The map below shows the route I took, which I recommend.  There are other more direct routes, but know that near the top it gets very rocky and bushy.  I had good Verizon cell and data ser

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Peak 6001 (Jean Lake Peak), Oregon | February 2020


I was looking for a reasonably tough snowshoe that could be accomplished in a day, and with few bonus point opportunities, and only so many sno parks, I kept coming back to my favorite mountains from last year. I decided to give this a try, and all things considered it went very well.


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Peak 6333, MT| May, 2019


1.3 mi, +780 feet

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Proper (legal) access to North Grand Ridge, 27 Jan 2019


North Grand Ridge is an easy summit to activate with a short (3.4 mile RT, ~600' elevation gain).  The summit might be considered part of the "Issaquah Alps" series of summits that include Tiger Mountain, West Tiger Mountain, South Tiger Mountain, Taylor Mountain, and Rattle Snake Mountain.  This report provides details on how to legally access the activation zone (AZ) and summit.

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Walker Mountain, OR | December 2019


Walker Mountain is a Southern Oregon summit that could be a drive-up for those with a fully capable 4x4. However, the roughest part is also the start of a decent hike and getting to that rough spot is easy with a vehicle with decent clearance. Note that there is another Walker Mountain in Oregon - this is the one near Grants Pass.

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Peak 740, OR (Lost Dog Hill) | December 2019


Here's one of the closest "near" drive-up summits there can be - a few steps away from the car into the woods brings you into the Activation Zone. This is a very much out of the way summit, along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, about 14 miles north of Bandon. Note that there are other Peak 740 in Oregon - make sure this one is your intended peak.

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Wildcat Mountain, OR | December 2019


There are three Wildcat Mountains in Oregon, so be sure you want the North Coast version south of Highway 26. The road to the trailhead is short and easy in any passenger vehicle, there's a good spot to park, and summit is in the Tillamook Forest, although the shortest access crosses private timberland. The hike is about 1.5 miles one way, and 400 vertical feet gain. This description I consider the 'no bushwack' version.