Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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6370, OR July 2020


This was number 2 for the day. A short hike but only if you are interested in driving through some brush. Walking the road wouldn't be bad though. Plenty of area to set up. This was a short and sad activation as we were informed of Robin's cousin passing while on top.

Take access road off of main road 28. 28 is main FS road that is paved.

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6490, OR July 2020


This was where we chose to camp for our multiple summit trip, just at the northern base of the mountain, in a nice forested flat, just a jog up RD 105, the road is blocked a little further up. Where we camped is also about where you want to hike up the summit. Nice hike but we got really tangled up going down the mountain too far down the NW ridge rather than the face of the ridge and were caught in solid buck brush. Check satellite images to avoid, if you avoid this its about a 1.75 mi RT hike in a mixed forest with lots of Sugar Pine in a blanket of Indian Paintbrush.

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2660 - July 2020


This summit spans a property boundary between public BLM land and private Stimson land, and although Stimson allows the public to hike on most of their property on weekends, there is no need to enter their property to access the activation zone.

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Montana - Lookout Mountain 30September2018


Lookout Mountain is a US Forest Service active Lookout.  Though not has high as some surrounding summits, it is typical of lookouts having good forest views.  The summit is accessible by automobile.  Trees are available for hanging wire antennas.  &

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Bare Mountain, WA | June 2020


Bare Mountain is an easy bushwhack up from a decent-quality dirt road. There are several approaches, but this one is by far the easiest - and may have once been a trail to the summit. I recommend GPS, as there is no defined trail and coming down it is hard to follow your own tracks - though if you stay east of the original tracks you will still come out on the road. I could probably make it down NF-311 in a sedan. We walked from the pull-off on NF-311.

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Wilderness Peak, WA | June 2020


After two previous attempts I finally made my first SOTA Contacts. 

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Bushwhacking Stams Mtn, OR | June 2020


I have to say, this was a fun hike, it's really my style.  It is truly a bushwhack hike, there is no trail, and you will not be afforded a road or any kind of guide.  A GPS waypoint of the peak is absolutely necessary, and even that won't help you at points from getting into trouble with really dense, thick undergrowth.  Be prepared to climb over and through stands of pine trees, manzanita, and deadfall.  This area is littered with old logging roads, which have given rise to dense thick stands of 1" pine trees 6 inches apart.  The path you will likely take crosses t

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Rye Spur, OR June 2020


On my way home from activating Pelican Butte I took a detour to see if Rye Spur  was accessible for a future date. Take the turn towards Fourmile Lake (FS RD 3661) off of 140 the turn right on FS RD 360, then right FS RD 363. It turned out we were able to drive the FS RD 363 pretty close to the summit and chose to hike the short walk up and do a very quick activation. It was probably about a half mile up with a gradual, easy ascent. The last of the road going in is very tight and a bit rough. It dead ends at a good turn around with fire pit.

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Idaho – Bad Luck Mountain 23June2018


Bad Luck Mountain is an old US Forest Service Lookout site that had a structure from 1939 till about 1980.  Only a few concrete blocks remain today.  The summit is mostly forested now with 25-40 year-old Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine.  Open grassland falls steeply from the summit to the south.

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Peak 2382, OR May 2020


Should you want to do this peak, here us the short version. Note that the long version is a cautionary tale.

Get yourself to Henry Hagg lake. Proceed around the lake until you find Scoggins Valley Road. Turn west here and proceed up the road. Note that you bear left almost immediately to stay on Scoggins Valley Road. After about two miles you will come to a gate. There is parking within sight of the gate.