Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Beaver Point, OR | July 2019


A friend of mine wanted to try a new, never before activated summit to start off his SOTA career and bring me along as his guide. Doing some preliminary research, this looked very much like a summit that would be very difficult to impossible to reach. From Google Maps, it wasn't too far from the road to the summit, but checking Google Earth, I could see that it was really going to be a steep climb for the initial part of it and through what looks like dense forest. I wasn't expecting that we would be successful. Luckily, I was wrong.

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Lone Butte, WA | November 2019


Lone Butte is a "small" hill in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It is easily accessible from the Columbia River Gorge via Wind River and NF30, or from I-5 up the Lewis River Hwy to Northwoods and then NF90/Curly Creek Rd. (which connectes to NF30). There is a large area for parking where road 401 cuts to the West. If you aren't particular about your vehicles paint, the road is driveable to an old rock quarry at the west end of Lone Butte, there are some ruts a short way into the road, but they are easy to straddle and most any vehicle could make it past.

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Peak 2260, OR | November 2019


This is a drive-up summit near Tillamook in the Coast Range. Don't confuse this Peak 2260 with the other that shares it's name but is W7O/NC-101. (They are only 8 miles apart.)

Take Mills Bridge Road south from Highway 6 about 3.2 miles. You'll stay on the main track as you ascend this steep rocky road. You should be able to drive in a passenger car as long as it can handle a steep, rough grade.

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Swamp Peak, OR | October 6th 2019


We didn't see any swamps, and it certainly wasn't swamped with people!

Getting to the trailhead was straighforward by following the directions at

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The Wet Weather Won - Wilderness Pk, WA


Today's attempted activation of Wilderness Peak W7W/KG-132 was my second attempt at my first SOTA activation. My cousin and I have been hiking all summer on various trails between Lake Washington and Snoqualmie Pass. In the last few weeks I've decided that I'd give SOTA a try. We made it up to the top of Wilderness Peak today where I was stymied by steady rain and radio problems. I called it a bust and will try again in a few weeks.

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Tower Mountain, OR | September 2019


Tower Mountain really does have a tower on it. The 92'-tall Aermotor steel lookout tower was built in 1935. It is still standing and accessible today. Your level of enjoyment with the activation will likely increase if you are able to use the tower in your activation. This peak is the highest and most prominent point in Umatilla County, Oregon, but the summit is tree lined so getting up the tower gets you above the trees.

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Long Mountain, Oregon | August 2019


Long Mountain has finally been activated! A 12 mile round trip for 1 point that costs $75 just to step foot past the logging road gate. A quiet hike with not a soul to disturb you while you take a long walk on the mostly exsposed logging roads. You will see wildlife, mostly birds, along with a stunning view of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams if the weather is clear.

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1460, Oregon | August 2019


K7FOP and I joked that this summit report could be summed up in two words: “NOT RECOMMENDED”. But I’ll go into more detail if you’re up for an adventure with your GPS and machete in hand. It’s a heck of a bushwhack for just one point. For a much easier drive up point, try Little Hebo North of Hwy 22.

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Browns Mountain, OR | August 2019


Browns Mountain, west of Sunriver, despite being pretty close to a paved road, was a tough bushwack for Roland-K7FOP and I, as we pursued several "shortcuts." So we recommend walking about 2.4 miles on forest roads, and a final steep ascent of about 1/10 mile. Total is about 900 feet of gain. If there's a better way to get to the AZ, please write up an updated trip report. 

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Bishop Mountain Idaho


Bishop Mountain is an extinct volcanic vent on the rim of the Island Park Caldera. At the summit there is a fire lookout that is one of the few remaining towers in the Targhee National Forest. The 72-ft tower was constructed in 1937. Now on standby status, the tower saw extensive service during the Yellowstone Fires of 1988. The summit also has a couple of picnic tables, a cabin that is available for rent through the Forest Service and a fire pit.