Good Parking At Trailhead

Trailhead has ample, free, accessible parking
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SOTA Activation: Granite Mountain, King County, Washington - February 28, 2015


Winter activation of Granite Mountain, together with Tim Nair, KG7EJT.  Granite Mtn., 5,629 feet elevation, with 3,800 feet elevation gain and 8.6 miles RT, is located near the Denny Creek area, off I-90, near Snoqualmie Pass.  There have been a few other SOTA Activations of Granite, but none in winter.  Great weather, manageable snow, stupendous views and good companionship made for a fine Activation!

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SOTA Activation: Kratka Ridge, Los Angeles County, California - February 19, 2015


A short Hike and Activation in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California.  2+/- Miles round trip with 750 feet elevation Gain.  Summit Elevation is 7,515, and the views are nice.  This Activation is often done together with Waterman Mountain, W6/CT-012, which was the case for us.

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SOTA Activation : Mount Townsend, Northern Olympics, Washington - February 21, 2015


Wonderful hike for a sunny, breezy day! Quite chilly on the summit with the gusty winds. No trees or rock formations to take shelter under.  I spent 2.5 hours on the summit and had constant radio traffic! I had planned on working 2M and 70cm, but had so much traffic on 2M, I couldn't find time to check out 70cm - so my appologies to those who listened for me on 70cm.

From the summit, there are incredible views of Puget Sound, including the entire Seattle area, and up into Vancouver Island and Canada.

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SOTA Activation: Waterman Mountain, Los Angeles County, California - February 19, 2015


A Gem of a Hike and Activation in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California.  6+ Miles round trip with 1,200 feet elevation Gain.  Summit Elevation is 8,038, and the views are fantastic! 

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A quick Activation of an unactivated nearby peak


I was off work today and all the kids were at school. I had a doctor's appointment at 0915 and did not have anything else planned for the remainder of the day. I decided that I would head down and recon this unnamed summit in the South side of Capital Forest. Capital Forest has a handful of one and two pointers and this is the last one that I had not activated. Capital Forest is a State Forest that has opportunities for everyone; horseback riders, off road ATVers, hikers, bikers etc.

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SOTA Activation: Wilderness Peak, King County, Washington - January 25, 2015


Quck activation of my "Neigborhood SOTA Summit".  It takes me less than 10 minutes to arrive at TH from home. On a very warm day for nearly the end of January (60+ degrees F), we set out from Anti Aircraft TH, Cougar Mountain Regional Park.  Our route was abot 7 miles circuit of the upper reaches of the Park.  Wilderness Peak is about 1,600 foot in elevation and a 1 point SOTA summit.

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Juniper butte


I moved to Central Oregon from Western Colorado last month. I got into SOTA in Colorado and decided to to dust off my radio and see the hills in Oregon.

I chose Juniper Butte because it is close to my home and close to Haystack Butte. I was going to try for a double.

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W7W/SO-081 Evening Activation


A fun evening activation. Here is the blog to the activation:

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Bachelor Mountain 12.14.2014


With the continuing warm weather, I went out this weekend to finish out the
trio of Coffin, Buck and Bachelor Mountains. I headed for Bachelor this weekend.

To reach the Bachelor mountain trailhead, follow the directions I gave in the
Coffin and Back mountain activation. However, when reaching the #450 road,
continue further for about 0.5 mile and take a left at the intersection. After
about 0.6 miles, the road comes to a end at the trail head. I found only
a post where I suppose the trail head sign used to be.

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Copper Mountain Attempt


I made an attempt at this summit on 13 December 2014. I was hoping to get a few bonus points along with an activation of an unactivated summit. Steep Climb and a short day prevented me from making it all the way to the summit.

See my blog here for the whole writeup: