Pass Required at Trailhead

Trailhead parking or use of the trail requires a permit, pass or other for-pay document
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Barlow Ridge W7O/CN-028 | August 2021


This was my first time up Barlow Ridge in the summer. Park at the Barlow Pass Sno-Park with a NW Forest Pass. The trail is well-marked, albeit the signs are up high due to this area's popularity during the winter. I encountered quite a few large blow down trees at the start of the hike, so be prepared for some significant tree scrambling. 

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Activating Paulina Peak Hints


I just thought I would add some notes about activating Paulina Peak that might be helpful to prepare somebody else down the road.  Getting there is easy and well documented so I wont waste time with that, important however as noted elsewhere - NW Forest Pass required or pay at the entrance station.  I have a pass so I dont know what the entrance fee is.  My verizon service with SOTA GOAT worked perfectly the entire time I was up there.  I was also able to text and send photos easily.   The views are spectacular and never cease to amaze me everytime I go up ther

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Bells Mountain WA | August 2021


Summary - The trailhead for Bells Mountain (45.79834, -122.40197) is about 45 minutes from SE Portland, the hike is an easy 650' climb on a rock-and-gravel road, and 2M contacts into Portland and Vancouver are possible with a half-wave whip. The view is open; you can see downtown Portland and with trees on the bordering the clearing, it is easy to get a wire into the air. A great "first season" summit. A Northwest Discover Pass is needed to park at the trailhead.

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Evergreen Mountain, WA | July, 2021


Quick update for this semi-popular summit. If you need directions, see WTA... it's very easy to get to.

The road: it's not terrible but I'd recommend a Subaru or better. There are a couple bad spots where high clearence is helpful.

The summit was BUGGY today. I had to wear my rain gear, head net, Deet... was sitting in a massive swarm, sweating. They still managed to bite me. It was hot and muggy, and quite a bit of smoke from the fires in EWA in the air. Views were still very nice despite the smoke.

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Three Corner Rock WA | July 2021


Summary - Three Corner Rock (TRC) is easy to get to, includes a lovely forest hike with a steady climb, and a open summit with great views. 2M contacts into Portland are easy to make with a half-wave whip. Bring a mast if you want to put a wire in the air as there is only one, eight foot tall, tree to work with.  The drive is about 90 minutes from the east side of Portland. The hike climbs about 1100 feet over two miles and is mostly on the well-used PCT.

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Little Tahoma Peak, WA | July 2021


DISCLAIMER: This summit should not be attempted without knowledge of rope systems, crevasse rescue and snow travel. It is a serious climb that should not be taken lightly.

Little Tahoma Peak is a sister summit of Mt Rainier. At 11,138' it is the 3rd tallest peak in Washington State. It is far less popular than Rainier due to the fact that the final few hundred feet is some of the loosest rock in the state.

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Saturday Rock, WA | July 2021


Summary - Saturday Rock is easy to get to, about two hours from Portland, has awesome views and a short, sometimes gnarly and steep, bushwhack. Park at 45.85645, -122.17190 and follow the ridge to the summit. The first clear area you encounter on the top isn't it, keep going!  Trees to hang wires, easy 2M QSOs, good APRS connectivity, spotty cell service. National Forest parking pass required.

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Saddle Mountain, Or | July 2021


I approached from Duffy lake Trailhead. As I did Red Butte on the this trip. This area requires Cascade Wilderness Permit.

You could probally reach this one from Marion Lake via Marion Peak. There are some descriptions of others who have done it on summit post 

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ZigZag Mountain, OR | July 2021


K7ATN reported poor road/driving conditions when attempting to get to the Zig Zag Mountain trailhead on the south side of Zig Zag Mountain. This report shares activation information for the north approach from Riley Horse Campground. The drive can easily be done in a passenger car (recreation permit to park). There are two options from this point, I took Cast Creek trail, and it was 12.8 miles RT with 3900 ft vertical climbing total.