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Highline Ridge, ID | August, 2020


16.8-miles, +4,979 ft; From Elk Mountain TH

I activated this on the 4th day of a 15-day backpacking from the Elk Mountain Trailhead, but other approaches such as Race Creek or Indian Hill may also offer access. 

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Wellington Butte, OR Feb 2021


I couldn't resist the perfect weather today and left to go activate Mt. Isabelle but when I got up to the parking area I noticed there was a road that went to Wellington Butte the other direction, to the left. I drove past this butte on 238 for 3 years going to work and I was under the impression it was a closed road, but I was wrong. I carefully made it through snow, ice and mud and had a lovely day.Spectacular view looking down at Applegate River, Ruch, the Siskiyous, Grants Pass, etc. Near 360 view. It reminded me of looking into a curved glass diorama.

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Fielder Mountain, OR Feb 2021


There are already a couple blogs for Fielder but I wanted to add a few pics. The first time I went up with quantity on my mind-at least one more summit to do for the day and did not take the time to go to the equipment area and see the spectacular view. Yes this can be a drive up summit on a good day, but be sure to take the stroll to the edge! Great view clear to California snow capped summits and of Grants Pass, Rogue River, and the Rogue River.

We had one foot of snow that prevented us from driving to the very top. Nice little hike.


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Hauk Butte | Feb 2021


Hauk Butte is a 9.5-mile RT hike with ~2000 ft gain located Northeast of Dog Mountain and Augspurger Mountain north of the Columbia River. Reaching the summit is possible entirely on logging roads, which go right up to the exact SOTA summit. At the summit, you are surrounded by trees on each side of the road as the summit has not yet been logged. This came in handy when I activated during 20-30 mph winds: the trees made a good wind break.

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3420, OR April 2020


3420-W7O/SC-263- I did this summit as a 2nd summit of the day, after Fielder Mountain. It is a lovely summit top, very park like with tall timber including Sugar Pine, Canyon Live Oak, among other evergreens and wildflowers. We parked  below a tree with a large memorial sign for a young man, Zach Marsino. This is right at the final climb up, approx 1/4 mi. up a steep well used OHV/jeep road. The path is obvious.

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Bullock Hill, MT | October, 2014


0.5-miles, +435 ft; from 4wd Approach

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Roxy Ann Peak, OR January 2021


I thought I should write up a current summary on Roxy since one has not been done for quite some years and the area has changed. Roxy is the closest summit to my home qth and I enjoy the hike more each time I go up. It is a popular hiking and jogging area especially in the warmer months.

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AVALANCHE AWARENESS CLINICS with Northwest Avalanche Center

DATE: various

TIME: 7:00pm - 8:30pm


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Peak 7540, ID | August, 2020


11.2-miles, +3,805 ft, -3,131 ft; From Elk Mountain TH

0.4-miles, +400 ft; From Indian Park

I activated Peak 7540 en-route between camps at Grave Meadow and Buck Lake on the 3rd day of a 15-day backpacking trip.  It looked like there was likely camping and water at Indian Park also.

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Indian Peak, ID | August, 2020


9.2-miles, +3,385 ft, -2,531 ft; From Elk Mountain TH

1.4-miles, +1,040 ft,-260 ft; From Grave Meadow Camp


I activated Indian Peak from a camp in Grave Meadow on Day-2 of a 15-day backpacking trip.