Easy Trail

Trail contains no technical obstacles
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Mt. Erie - An easy "Must Do" from Anacortes, WA


If you're visiting the scenic mariner town of Anacortes, or passing through on your way to the San Juan Island ferry, Mt. Erie is a quick easy 1 pointer with great views.

This summit can be reached via a paved road all the way to the top, or park at the bottom and utilitze the extensive network of trails to reach the summit.  Once there, I set up on the south side of the hill, a rocky area looking at Whidbey Island and Lake Campbell.  Tall fir trees lie just behind the rocks, perfect for wire antenna deployment. 


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More wind and some sleet


2012-06-17 Sawmill Ridge CN97gd86

The weather did not improve at all. It got worse actually. When I started from Kelly Butte trailhead started to drizzle. On the summit I got some sleet with strong wind. Luckily twenty meter was much better, but still in bad condition.

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Ham etiquette, what is that?


2012-06-17 Kelly Butte CN97ge10

After my failure on Ararat, where I only made 3 Qs with my handheld radio on 144 MHz, I am looking for some easy summit. I can only blame myself, as I was too tired to assemble the Buddipole. If it is easy, then let’s do 3 or 4 summits straight away. As always, despite the long and thorough intelligence, things did not work out as planned at the first place. However, I bagged two summits out of the four, but let’s see the details.

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Little Baldy - Video Trip Report


The goats and I made a last minute decision on Friday night to get a SOTA fix. Saturday morning we hiked Little Baldy, near Alger, WA.  If you're heading north on I-5 towards Canada or Bellingham, this is right off the freeway.  Take Exit 242, turn Right (East) and the trailhead/parking lot will be clearly visible on your left in about 1/2 mile.

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Frog Lake Buttes, OR | Jan-2013


A nice activation winter or summer, Frog Lake Buttes has that strange plural name that is so easy to get wrong. Only a bit more than an hour from Portland, it's one of our recommended Oregon activations. Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing or even driving are all ways to get there - depending on the season of course.

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Kimama Butte


Activated w7I/CI-139 Kimama Butte on 7 Jan 2013 on the way to SLC for work.  Kimama Butte is the remnanats of an old volcanic hill located 21 miles SE south of Craters of the Moon NP and 16 miles north of Burley Idaho.  For those who study tectonic plate movement, Yellowstone was here 8 million years ago.  Acces via N1150W off I-84 and cross thru obvious cattle guard.  Drove about 200 yards in 4wd up the hill then decided to walk the rest. 

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Discovery Basin Montana

Activated W7M/GA-069 Rumsey Mtn with XYL Debbie on 4 Jan 2013. Rumsey Mtn is
located 16 miles NE of Anaconda Montana (home of one of the largest freestanding
chimneys' in the world, 585 ft, I guess it would qualify for a summit?)and is
part of Discovery Basin ski area. Triple chair takes you close to the top, but
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Bald Peak Activation


K7ATN and I activated Bald Peak between Forest Grove and Newberg today for my first ever SOTA activation. Thanks to K7ATN for showing me the ropes, even if the sunshine he promised didn't materialize!

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Activating Devil's Mtn


Devil's Mountain is just off I-5 as you pass through Skagit Valley, south of Mount Vernon.  It's an easy 2 pointer via a gated logging road. 

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My last activiation for 2012


With a couple days of non-rain, I just had to get out of the house and activate a summit.  "Mt. Electric" is the first summit I've activated that wasn't a "first activation".  That said, it was about right for me at this time of year.  The drive is an easy one.  I won't go into details - but all except the last mile is on paved roads.  I've trooped around a bit in the Marckworth State Forest before, but not in this part.