Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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Mt. Fremont activation with N7OMS, 9/12/2015


On this Saturday of the NA SOTA Weekend, at about 10:45am, our party of four set out from Sunrise on Mt. Rainier to walk the Mt. Fremont Lookout trail.  The Lookout promises spectacular northward views of the Grand Park meadows, and the entire trail is hugely scenic.  More to the point, about ½ mile before the Lookout, the trail passes a few hundred feet below the summit of Mt. Fremont, and that was, of course, the real destination for the hams in the group:  myself and Al N7OMS.

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Kelly Butte SOTA Activation


Doug (KY7S) and I activated this summit as part of NA SOTA weekend. We had a blast up there and enjoyed the great day in western WA. Important to have a plan for spotting up there. Cell phone was not that great...APRS worked Awesome. A lot of 2m S2S activity. More then expected. Cant wait to get on the next one.

Full Blog Link:

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Mount Catherine SOTA Activation


I was negligent in posting my Mount Catherine activation here but wanted to get it up for all to enjoy and use. We had a great early start on our way across Washington state on the 24th of August and had a great hike up this summit. This is a highly recommended SOTA for anyone heading through the Snoqualmie Pass area. 

Here is a link to the full blog with more pics and information: 


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First SOTA Activation: Big Chief Mountain, Chelan County, Washington - September 11, 2015


A clear, sunny and warm day; beautiful fall colors of yellow, gold, red and purple; a successful activation; and the company of my wife, Sharon and Dexter the SOTA Dog - all made for a very pleasant outing.  Summit Chief Mountain is a 6 point SOTA Summit in Chelan County, above the Stevens Pass Ski Resort area.  It is accessed via highway entirely, being located at Stevens Pass, on SR 2.

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Palouki, Greece | August 2015


Palouki (Παλούκι, stake or fencepost) is an easy summit within walking distance of Skopolestown on Skopoles Island. The T1 trail will get you there. 

There's also a road towards Moni Sotiros that the trail crosses several times.

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Velanidia, Greece | September 2015


Velanidia (Βελανιδιά or oak tree) is a near drive-up near Volos, Greece.

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Granite Mountain, Idaho | June 2015


Granite Mountain presented itself as a welcome relief to a string of unsuccessful summit attempts! The road access to long, but smooth.  The trail is rocky, but passable.  The summit is a double, but the views as quadruple! This was also the first activation of W7I/SR-038.

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Pente Pyrgoi, Greece | September 2015


Pente Pyrgoi (Five Towers) is a great hike near Katerini, Greece of about 11km round trip and 600m elevation gain.

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Successful Activation of Humpback Mountain on a Rainy, Windy Day! W7W/KG-076


Inspired by WW7D's recent Activation of Humpback Mountain, I decided the relatively short drive to the Humpback Mountain trailhead was perfect. From my home in Bothell, Exit 47 on I-90 takes me about 45 minutes to reach. I've hiked numerous peaks in the Snoqualmie Pass area, but had never hiked Humpback.  Access to the trailhead was as described in WTA's hiking guide.