Exposed Trail

Mostly exposed (to sun, wind, etc) trail
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Mt Scott - Crater Lake National Park - Sept 13, 2015


Mt Scott is the highest point in Crater Lake National Park. It is also the only place where
a normal camera lens can capture the entire lake. Its a popular summit and receives a lot of
traffic. The trail-head is on the eastern side of the park directly off the rim road. Its
2.5 miles to the summit with about 1200 ft of elevation gain.

The trail begins in a nice hemlock forest that transitions to scrubby pines with less and
less shade or wind breaks available. If its a hot day, take plenty of water and sun protection.

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Applegate Peak - Crater Lake NP


Applegate Peak is located within Crater Lake National Park. It was named for Oliver Applegate,
an early Oregon pioneer. There is no established trail to this peak but it may be accessed via
a southern route directly from the rim road as described by K7ATN or from Garfield peak as
described here.

The trail to Garfield peak begins behind the Crater Lake Lodge. Hike to Garfield peak, take a look
at the lake, then backtrack about 50 yards to where the trail rounds the south end of the peak.

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Palouki, Greece | August 2015


Palouki (Παλούκι, stake or fencepost) is an easy summit within walking distance of Skopolestown on Skopoles Island. The T1 trail will get you there. 

There's also a road towards Moni Sotiros that the trail crosses several times.

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Velanidia, Greece | September 2015


Velanidia (Βελανιδιά or oak tree) is a near drive-up near Volos, Greece.

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Granite Mountain, Idaho | June 2015


Granite Mountain presented itself as a welcome relief to a string of unsuccessful summit attempts! The road access to long, but smooth.  The trail is rocky, but passable.  The summit is a double, but the views as quadruple! This was also the first activation of W7I/SR-038.

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SOTA Activation: Tahtlum Peak, Yakima County, Washington - August 16, 2015


An 8 point SOTA Summit, activated on a beautiful, clear summer day, with good company, a successaful activation and capped off with a bracing swim in Dewey Lake made for a very memorable outing.  Approximately 6.25 Miles total travel and 2,100 feet gain, including the side trip to Dewey Lake, and climb out of the lake basin back to PCT / Naches Peak Loop Trail junction.

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Pine Mountain, Central OR | July 2015


Pine Mountain east of Bend, Oregon is a beautiful and relatively isolated summit in the summer. However, there is no defined trail so you have to find your own way through low density pine forest and scrubland.

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SOTA Activation: Norse Peak, Pierce / Yakima Conties (on dividing line), Washington, July 19, 2015


A return Activation of Norse Peak.  This time I was with Tim Nair, KG7EJT, two other non-Ham friends, Neal & Sherri, and Dexter the SOTA Dog.  On probably the hottest day of the summer, 2015, we escaped the heat of the lowlands by starting relatively early, choosing an objective with substantial tree canopy and being at nearly 7,000 feet elevation.  Good company, lively conversation and a successful Activation made for another memorable SOTA outing.

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SOTA Activation: Goat Island Mountain, Mount Rainier National Park, Pierce County, Washington - July 7, 2015


An Activation...yes.  A great trip...undoubtedly!  However no points to show for the effort, as I only managed to eke out 3 + contacts on 40M ssb... Yet I do not consider it a failure.  I will return again, and give it another try.  Round trip travel was 13.1 miles, with something over 4,000 feet gain, including some ups and downs along the very long summit ridge.  Highlights included portions of the Wonderland Trail of Mount Rainier Park, a few creek crossings of the wildly flowing Fryingpan Creek, replete with slippery boulder hopping leaps, and being able to spend time with my son, KC7SQD, who was up visiting from LA LA Land.

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SOTA Activation: Tolmie Peak, Pierce County, Washington - June 21, 2015


On the first day of Summer, 2015, a short and easy hike up to a lookout tower providing one of the best views of Mount Rainier.  Shady forest walk, a beautiful lake and a final ascent to a lookout tower that is periodically still manned.  A fine weather Sunday made for crowds, however 90% + of hikers stop at the lookout tower, which is not quite the actual summit of Tolmie Peak.