Good Views From Summit

Summit has good "views"
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Bald peak on a beauti of a day -Oregon


It was a sunny day yesterday when my wife and i  went to Bald peak for a SOTA activation attempt (she thinks i am crazy for doing this). The view was great. It was a busy day at the park , lots of visitors coming and going. I had never been there and until i starting researching SOTA i had no idea it existed. learning about SOTA has allowed me to discover a different perspective and i can't wait for the next opportunity to combine the great outdoors with radio. I was able to make 6 contacts yesterday and with my little 2meter HT.

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First Activation of Guye Peak, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington


As hikers, we've often considered hiking up Guye Peak, mainly due to it's prominance and close proximity to I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass. It has an appealing pyramidal shape when viewed from eastbound and westbound on I-90.  The are 2 main routes; an eastern and western approach. I chose the less technical western approach, using the access path adjacent to the very popular Snow Lakes Trailhead in the Alpental ski area.  

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Pine Mountain, OR 7 June 2015


Inspired, I guess, by yesterday's peformance by American Pharoah, I had intended to attempt a trifecta of 6 point peaks this day - Pine Mountain W7O/CE-058, China Hat W7O/CE-053, and Paulina Peak W7O/CE-009.

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Mores Mountain, Idaho | May-2015


(NOTE: This report covers both Shafer Butte W7I/BC-064 and W7I/BC-070. It is posted twice so that it can link to both summit references on pnwSOTA and SOTAWatch.)

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Shafer Butte, Idaho | May-2015


(NOTE: This report covers both Shafer Butte W7I/BC-064 and W7I/BC-070. It is posted twice so that it can link to both summit references on pnwSOTA and SOTAWatch.)

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Clear Lake Butte, OR | May 2015


For anyone heading up to Mount Hood or headed from Portland into Central Oregon, Clear Lake Butte would be a nice stop on the way. It's a well graded and mostly paved forest road, suitable for biking or bringing along those that aren't big hikers. And no one would mind arriving at a classic fire lookout.

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Steamboat Rock - 4/28/2015


If you are interested in an atypical activation, this rock might be just for you. A low elevation early spring attainable summit. Located in a WA state park North of Coulee City, WA.  Much more expansive than Beacon Rock and depending on the day of the week, fewer visitors.

Great views and clear terrain for miles. Elevation at top is 2285 feet with a quick gain of 650 feet from the TH thru a steep slot in the cliffs which can be loose rock at times.

Steamboat Rock State Park offers campsites and boating opportunities.

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Lucky Peak, ID | May 2015


With a clear weather window during a wet week, my wife and I decided we should go hike/run up Lucky Peak.  The trail head is only a couple miles from our house so we spend quite a bit of time on the first few miles of the trail.  This would be our second time hiking all the way to the top.  It would be the first time hiking/running the peak with the SOTA gear on my back though!



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Bald Mountain Activation - 5/14/2015


Our first activation of Bald Mtn in 2015 was very satisfying even on the overcast and misty day we did it. But opt for a sunny day if you can - the views at the top are really worth it. On a clear day, you will be rewarded with a wonderful vista of the Spada Reservoir and the mountains beyond. The pictures here were taken when we went back in 2016.

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Stack Rock, ID | May 2015


Stack Rock has become more accessible over the last few years due to private land being converted to public access.  A private donation made it possible for the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley to purchase private land around and on the way to Stack Rock.  More information here at this LINK.  The trail is widely used by hikers, mountain bikers and is now used by those that have drank the SOTA Kool-Aid!