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Buckskin Mountain, Oregon | Sep 2020


Turn east off of Fields-Denio Road at 42.1606, -118.6033 onto Whitehorse Ranch Lane.

Turn north off of Whitehorse Ranch lane onto an unmarked road at 42.2577, -118.3200

Turn left at an obscure point at 42.2819, -118.3588

Make a hairpin right turn at 42.2622, -118.3870

Park near a locked gate at 42.2619, -118.3895

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Whitehorse Butte, Oregon | Sep 2020



Turn east off of Fields-Denio Road at 42.1606, -118.6033 onto Whitehorse Ranch Lane.

Turn off of that onto an unmarked road at 42.3111, -118.2625

Go past the right turn to Willow Creek Hot Springs to turn left at 42.2769, -118.2624

Park at 42.2463, -118.2392

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Pueblo Mountain | Sep 2020


Pueblo Mountain with 4x4.

Turn off of the Fields-Denio Road at 42.1447, -118.6038.

Make a sharp left at 42.1346, -118.6350.

Stop driving a start walking at 42.0996, -118.6686.

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Doris Peaks (6242) , OR | July 2020



Doris Peaks is my name for a set of peaks above Doris Lake.


My stats:

Distance: 9.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 2000 ft

On trail: 6 miles

Off trail: 3.1 miles

Difficulty: Arduous



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Goat Mountain, WA | July 2020


Quick search of sota summits finds 30 Goat Mountains, exclusive of my favorites: Old Goat Mountain and Scape Goat Mountain. Can unfortunately relate to both of those.

There are six in W7W and 2 in W7W/LC. This blog is about W7W/LC-035. The plan for this trip was found on summitpost: https://www.summitpost.org/goat-mountain/153737. Andrew, K7AHR, and I followed those directions to a successful activation.

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Tillamook Peak (2399), Oregon | June 2020


 “Tillamook Peak”, NC-091, is now a drive up. Can't tell you how to drive up because I hiked up the ATV trail described by K7EEX .http://www.pnwsota.org/blog/k7eex/2018-july-07/tillamook-peak-2399-oregon However, when I reached the ridgeline the trail t-boned into a road. Short walk up the road led me to the clear cut summit. Great view of the Wilson River. Don't expect trees for help, bring your own antenna support.

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Ben Smith, OR (Peak 2592) | June 2020



Ben Smith is now a drive up. It has been clear cut and there is a good road to the top.



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Sisi Butte, OR | June 2020



The Skinny:

 Trail head: 44.9022, -121.7979

 Trail Turn: 44.8958, -121.8424

 Hike Distance : 6 miles round trip

 Hike Elevation gain: 1600 ft


The Story:

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High Camp Lookout, OR | May 2020


I tried to access this summit from the Molalla River. There are three roads leading up towards it after crossing the North Fork of the Molalla on Dickey Priarie Road.   All three were blocked by Weyerhauser pay to play gates.

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Peak 2382, OR May 2020


Should you want to do this peak, here us the short version. Note that the long version is a cautionary tale.

Get yourself to Henry Hagg lake. Proceed around the lake until you find Scoggins Valley Road. Turn west here and proceed up the road. Note that you bear left almost immediately to stay on Scoggins Valley Road. After about two miles you will come to a gate. There is parking within sight of the gate.