Shady Trail

Decent tree cover for most of the trail
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Wildcat Mtn, OR


On 5 June, 2013 I headed up to Wildcat Mtn. in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness section of Mt. Hood National Forest OR for my first attempt at a SOTA activation. This is a quick and easy trip out of the Portland area, so give it a go!

Douglas Trail #781: route described below starts at Upper Douglas Trailhead

Driving Directions:

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Squak Mtn, WA | Dec-2012


Just south of downtown Issaquah is Squak Mountain. It's a Washington State Park and so access is straightforward. From the north trailhead it's 2.3 miles one way on a maze of trails where it's a good idea to check the trail map carefully as there are several junctions on the way to the summit and one unsigned (very short) trail link.

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Peak 1060, OR | June-2013


Along this trail I observed the largest spruce trees I've seen in Oregon - the trail is nearly a perfect picture of the Oregon coastal rain forest. That being said, there are no expansive views, no place for your antenna, and no place to sit...but it is an nice hike on the Oregon coast and close to Highway 101. 

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Greenleaf Peak, WA | May-2013


You'll be in good company when you climb Greenleaf Peak - Botanist David Douglas was there in September of 1825 without a road or trail. You might think that a hike starting under power lines would not be particularly remote or wild - but once you leave the service road you'll be thinking differently. It's a summit that rarely sees visitors - you might do yourself (and those that might follow) a service by wielding a machete on some of the more overgrown parts of the trail.

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Spencer Butte, OR | Apr-2013


Spencer Butte is a Eugene city park about four miles south of downtown. The address for the most convenient trailhead is 85401 South Willamette Street and the trailhead parking lot is well signed as the Spencer Butte Trailhead. This trailhead has the shortest routes to the summit.

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Little Baldy - Video Trip Report


The goats and I made a last minute decision on Friday night to get a SOTA fix. Saturday morning we hiked Little Baldy, near Alger, WA.  If you're heading north on I-5 towards Canada or Bellingham, this is right off the freeway.  Take Exit 242, turn Right (East) and the trailhead/parking lot will be clearly visible on your left in about 1/2 mile.

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Frog Lake Buttes, OR | Jan-2013


A nice activation winter or summer, Frog Lake Buttes has that strange plural name that is so easy to get wrong. Only a bit more than an hour from Portland, it's one of our recommended Oregon activations. Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing or even driving are all ways to get there - depending on the season of course.

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Aurora, but not borealis


2012-05-19 "Mt. Aurora" W7W/RS-045 CN97ea84

After the two forest road summits, I have looked for something similar again. I have checked out the road after Divide Ridge. Then I was able to drive up to 3360 feet. The forecast for today is very promising, but next day some rain will come.

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Sheridan Peak W7O/NC-009 an Easy Target for Beginners


Just past Oregon wine country resides Sheridan Peak W7O/NC-009. This peak has an elevation of 3000ft and resides in the heavily timbered coastal range. For beginners to SOTA, this is perfect place to start and gain experience. This peak resides in the Nestucca Recreation Area, specially created to manage the impact of an extensive and wonderful network of OHV trails. There are specific restrictions within this area, so please check with the BLM before you camp or light fires.

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Bobs Mtn, WA | Dec-2012


Bobs Mountain is fairly close to Portland, and with a short respite from the rain, an activation plan was hatched. I had the company of Grover, KG7O for a joint activation. We had a good time on the short hike to the summit on a four-wheel drive road and had a sucessful first time activation for this peak.