Forested Summit

Summit is forested and/or has ample tree cover.
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Trout Creek Hill, WA


On our way into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest heading to Lookout Mountain that morning, we noticed that we passed Trout Creek Hill on the right, with what seemed like open roads heading in the general direction. Taylor made note of the route we'd need to take on the topo maps, assuming all the roads were actually open. We figured that we might at least drive up towards this one after we finished at Lookout Mountain, even if only to survey the potential. As it turned out, this became our third and final summit of our whirlwind ten-point day.

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"D-Layer" Mountain in WA


A few weeks ago I had a minor toe procedure that left me out of commission and unable to hike. To slowly get back in the swing of things, KK7DS and I planned to summit Lookout Mountain (W7/LC-066) after a tip from N7AAM. This particular summit is mostly accessible by car and requires minimal hiking. As we drove along FR 43 to Lookout Mountain, I saw "D-Layer" mountain come into view on the topo map. There were no roads leading to the top, but the topo lines gave the appearance that it would be a relatively easy bushwhacking adventure over a short distance. We decided to scope it out on our way back from Lookout Mountain.

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Mt. Defiance - July 8, 2012


A short hike to Mount Defiance in Oregon is from Wahtum Lake Road and is about 3.6 miles roundtrip with 1140 ft gain. From Dee near Hood River, it's about a 10-mile drive on FR 2820 to the Upper Mount Defiance trailhead.

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Gold Mountain 7/8/12


Decided to kick it up a notch this time, (but only one notch) and do a 4 pointer.  But feeling a bit lazy I went looking for a 4-pointer that I could reach without a really long hike.  Gold Mountain, just east of Darrington, fits the bill.  I headed north from downtown Darrington on SR530, and then east on Sauk Prairie Rd.  After a couple miles, turned south on FS24 (pretty good gravel road), and after 4 or 5 miles turned right on FS2420 (OK gravel road with a few potholes to dodge).

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Central Oregon - Lookout Mountain


A good dirt/gravel goes all the way to the top.  There is a small radio tower, container and photo cell structure.  Park somewhere down the hill and make the final hike to the top.  There is good cell coverage and I was able to self spot.  The top is forested so the view is through trees to the Sisters and Mt. Bachelor to the north.

I did not spend a lot of time at the top since the mosquitos were out in force. 

This is an easy 6 pointer but remember to bring your bug spray if you are there in summer.



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Double Header Part 1: Lakeview Peak


With field day coming up next weekend, Taylor and I decided to make up for it with a skillfully executed a double-header activation. First, we went to Lakeview Peak, which is east of Kalama, just southwest of Mt Hood. This summit is on land currently controlled by a private party, but which must remain open to pedestrian traffic. Following the directions, we went as far as we could in the Jeep before reaching a gate. There is ample room there to stash a few vehicles for the hike up the forest road to the summit.

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Little Baldy


My Adventures in fitness and SOTA continue!  This was a fun one, spur of the moment decision to do it.  Hours drive to the trail head, hour up, 30 minutes operating, hour down and an hour drive home.  The view from the top was really nice and there was a ledge with a really good drop off as well!


GPX and Google Earth files here.


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Beacon Rock, WA | Jan-2012


Beacon Rock is an 848-foot basalt column (860 feet ASL) that formed the core of an ancient volcano. It is located in a Washington State Park of the same name about one hour east of Portland, Oregon.

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Wildcat Mountain


Today JD (K7JDF) and I headed out for an easy 1-point summit: Wildcat Mountain. This summit is on the eastern edge of the Tillamook State Forest and is very accessible from the Portland metro area and provides an excellent operating position at the top as well as a fantastic view.

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Bunker Hill, WA | May 2012


Taylor (K7TAY) and I activated Bunker Hill this weekend in southern Washington. This relatively easy hike starts flat on the Pacific Crest Trail before heading up a spur to the summit. All of the elevation is gained in a relatively short period of time, but the trail is not technical and easy to follow.