Exposed Summit

Summit is exposed to wind, rain, sun (and good views)
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Wampus Butte | March 2014


Wampus Butte is another easily accessible summit near La Pine. Below is a map of the route we wished we had taken as it would have been much more direct (from Hwy 97, west on Burgess Rd to NF-44/E. Deschutes Rd and follow it to NF-600. It is about 1.5 miles on this road to the left turn up to the summit). This was a nice snowshoe in March but would probably be mostly almost a drive-up in summer. It was cloudy when we were up there but I think there would be a nice view on a clear day.

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Pringle Butte, OR | March 2014


Pringle would probably be a drive-up or near drive-up in the summer but I am not sure whether the roads would be suitable for a passenger car or not as they were covered with snow, thus making it a snowshoe for us. According to the map there are at least 3 access points.

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Blue Mountain Activation


This is an easy drive up summit. Less then 1/2 mile easy walk to the top. Lots of deer in the area! One small buck walked right up to us and then followed us to the summit. Great views of hurricane ridge though we only go spotty views because of the clouds. Great 6 point activation. Campground within one mile of the summit

Setup: PFR3, MP1 SuperAntenna, TeNeKe

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Mount Zion Activation


Headed up to the hills for an activation with my two oldest daughters. Nice big parking lot at the bottom and a nice easy 2 mile walk to the summit. This is in forest service land so you can camp on the summit. Nice spot with small fire pit. One day I may try this. Trees are encroaching the summit so spotty views. Nice big area to set up on the summit. I used SMS text for spotting with success.

Setup: PFR3, SuperAntenna, TeNeKe.

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Black Hills HP 1st Activation


On 23 June I decided to head up and do this little one pointer that is within a couple miles of the house. This not going to be the next Mount Davidson (Elliot K6EL) as it does not have much to offer. No scenery, lots of logging roads, Teenage Partiers etc. But I did have to be the first to activate this hill. I did take this opportunity to take a lot of my radios out with me to try them out.

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SOTA Activation: South Tiger Mountain, King County, Washington - June 22, 2014


Nice Hike on warm, sunny, first day of Summer, 2014.

Easy hike, mainly in shady forest, leading to a last ascent on road and trail through a clear cut, but re-planted, summit area of South Tiger Mountain.  Unlike many other hikes in the "Issaquah Alps", this trail get relatively light use, and consequently light maintenance.  It was a little overgrown in places, with Nettles in some areas.

My wife accompanied me, as well as our Yellow Labrador Retriever "Dexter", who proceeded to find any availble mud hole to immerse himself in...

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Red Top MTN First Activation


On 21 June the family and I headed out to Ritzville, WA to pick up my oldest daughter, Lily. Of course you know that I cannot drive 2/3 of the way across the state of WA and not find a SOTA to do.

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Fawn Peak, WA Activation - 10 June, 2014


When you consider this peak for an early season trek, think "beautiful flowers, peaceful solitude, and great views". Early in June this year the hills are festive with colorful wildflowers. There is no trail, no signage, no parking lot... no hikers! And finally, the view - an unubstructed 360 degree view of green valleys, and snow-capped mountains. If you're comfortable with a little cross-country navigation, I recommend this one.

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Dragontail Peak, WA | May 2014


Dragontail Peak, near Leavenworth, WA, is a committed and remote alpine climb - it can't really be considered a hike. This trip report can only give an impression and some basic facts - you will need to prepare carefully and appropriately by reading guidebooks and climbing websites, and making sure you have the necessary skills, experience and equipment. You will need to be able to handle wilderness route finding, high angle snow ascent and descent, rock climbing, and challenging terrain.